led strip machine with led light

led strip machine with led light

1.RT-1 is a high accuracy, multi-function, on-line automatic pick and place machine, 2.led strip machine use ten mounting heads, equipped with high-precision components recognition system, on-line produce
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Product Details

vision camera smd mounting machine for panel light led bulbs making machine


RT-1 led light machine with Two kinds of visual location system, one is Mark locating visual system in the upside another one is importing camera components location adjust recognition system in the downside, which can insure the accuracy of SMT.

RT-1 led light machine :The Z axis was powered by 10 servomotors and made by CNC brushed aluminum rod which insured the high-speed material feed.

Powerful function: with different material feeder, it can finish different SMT for led product.

Easy operation system:

Easy maintenance: it is very easy to maintain with its simple operation system. The maintenance cost is very low.

The software, PCB board and other components are developed by ETON ,with independent intellectual property rights.

RT-1 is a high speed full automatic pick and place machine.

26 feeder stations, standard feeder is available.

Use ball screw, servo motor control system imported .

Ten Placement Heads can pick components at the same time.

Time saving by the ten nozzles are examined over the two sets of imported cameras at the same time.

Multi-Vision System: Total four cameras make placement more accurate.

It is a compact placing machine that offers the flexibility (component flexibility, PCB flexibility and production flexibility) and speed to meet the demands of an ever-changing market.


1. Used in any LED product, cost-effective.

2. A lots of components can be placemnet.

3. it with of high quality; fast placement; 10 nozzles and electric feeders.

4. Professional after-sales service team provides overseas service.

The reference configuration

1. Control system: industrial computer + precision motion control card, software system :ETON independently developed operating system

3. Motion motor: magnetic levitation linear motor

4. Nozzle layout: independently develop various types of nozzles

5. Sliding device: precision screw + linear guide rail

6. Visual device: mark point recognition + component recognition + high-precision recognition

7. Feeder: adopt precise electric feeder

PCBPCB length widthMax:400*350mm min:50*50mm
PCB thickness0.1~6mm
PCB clampingElectric clamping
Mounting mode

ØGroup to pick and separate to place

ØSeparate to pick and separate to place

O.S.systemWindows 7
softwareR&D independently
displayTouch screen monitor
Input deviceKeyboard , mouse



No.of camera

2 sets of imported camera

Vision alignment ,mark correction

Mounting precision0.02mm(repeat precision)
Mounting height<25mm
Mounting speed30000~35000CPH
Components space0.2mm
Power380AC 50HZ
Power consumption6KW
Conveyor transmissionMax length:500mm
Transmission speed>1500mm/sec
Transmission directionSingle
Transmission modeAuto online drive
Air pressure>5.0kg /cm²
Electrical controlIndependent research and development by ETON
X,Y,X axis drive wayServo motor control for X,Y,Z axis
Feeding way
Feeding systemNo.of feeders station26 PCS
No.of nozzles8 PCS
Feeding wayElectric feeder with double motor

Company information

Shenzhen Eton Automation Equipment co., LTD. is a professional manufacturer of pick and place machine. Our company independently research, development, design and manufacturer a set of high -speed good quality SMT pick and place machine. And we received a number of patents issued by the state certificate and support. Nowadays, we have served many factories and enjoyed good reputation.

Our Services

Company five level management policy: sincere business, focus on R&D, manufacturing intentions, considerate service, customer trust.

Eton Purpose: To create value for customers, creating benefits for society.

Eton Mission: Professional,Excellent technology,Share the results.

Eton goal: To create a national brand,build international Chinese enterprise.

Eton purpose: To create value for customers,creating benefits for society.


1,How many cameras does the machine have?

There are two sets of imported cameras.Using exclusive patent technology:vision for the flight identification,Mark correction.

2.What is the direction of transmission of machines?

The transmission direction of this machine is both direction.

3. What kind of driving mode does the XYZ axis adopt?

X axis is magnetic liner motor,Y axis and Z axis is servo motor,very good performance and high accuracy.

4. What is the mounting mode?

Group to picking and separate to placing,Separate to picking and separate to placing.

5.Is your software interface in English?

English interface and Chinese interface are both available.

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