Smt Piok And Place Machine For Led Light

Smt Piok And Place Machine For Led Light

1.RT-1 is a high accuracy, multi-function, on-line automatic pick and place machine, 2.led strip machine use ten mounting heads, equipped with high-precision components recognition system, on-line produce
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Product Details

smt piok and place machine for led light

New economy magnetic linear motor + servo motor high-speed multi-functional pick and place machine, 10 head mounting, eight suction nozzle to pick at the same time, using imported camera visual alignment, MARK correction, improve the SMT stability, precision and pasted on the maximize placement rate, maximum patch speed is 30000 ~ 35000CPH, has exclusive patent technology: electronic feeder feeding system, faster and more accurate, non-stop material re-loading system, save time cost and artificial cost. The maximum size of PCB is 400*350mm

RT-1 is a high accuracy, multi-function, on-line automatic pick and place machine, the machine use ten mounting heads, equipped with high-precision components recognition system, on-line production, RT-1 independent research and development the machine operation system with Chinese and English both, simple and convenient use, can be widely used in all kinds of LED lamps, LED drivers, small appliances, circuit boards, digital products, all kinds of control panels, and so on.


PCBPCB length widthMax:400*350mm min:50*50mm
PCB thickness0.1~6mm
PCB clampingElectric clamping
Mounting mode

ØGroup to pick and separate to place

ØSeparate to pick and separate to place

O.S.systemWindows 7
softwareR&D independently
displayTouch screen monitor
Input deviceKeyboard , mouse



No.of camera

2 sets of imported camera

Vision alignment ,mark correction

Mounting precision0.02mm(repeat precision)
Mounting height<25mm
Mounting speed30000~35000CPH
Components space0.2mm
Power380AC 50HZ
Power consumption6KW
Conveyor transmissionMax length:500mm
Transmission speed>1500mm/sec
Transmission directionSingle
Transmission modeAuto online drive
Air pressure>5.0kg /cm²
Electrical controlIndependent research and development by ETON
X,Y,X axis drive wayServo motor control for X,Y,Z axis
Feeding way
Feeding systemNo.of feeders station26 PCS
No.of nozzles8 PCS
Feeding wayElectric feeder with double motor


LED、capacitors、resistors、IC、lens 、shaped components、etc.

Product Applications

LED house lighting: LED tube, LED bulb, LED ceiling light, led panel, led candle light

LED lighting product: soft led strip, led strip, led module,LED screen.Down light/bulbs/ driver power、streetlight、panel light


Reference equipment

control system: industrial PC+ accurately moving control card+ touch screen monitor

Software system: Independent research and development by ETON.

Motor: manetic linear motor + servo motor

SMT nozzle: Independent research and development Variety of models SMT nozzle.

Slider equipment: CNC brushed aluminum rod + linear slider

Visual equipment: MARK recognition system

Feeder: electronic feeder with double motor

RT-1 is a high speed full automatic pick and place machine.

26 feeder stations, standard feeder is available.

Use ball screw, servo motor control system imported .

Ten Placement Heads can pick components at the same time.

Time saving by the ten nozzles are examined over the two sets of imported cameras at the same time.

Multi-Vision System: Total four cameras make placement more accurate.

It is a compact placing machine that offers the flexibility (component flexibility, PCB flexibility and production flexibility) and speed to meet the demands of an ever-changing market.


1. Used in any LED product, cost-effective.

2. A lots of components can be placement.

3. it with of high quality; fast placement; 10 nozzles and electric feeders.

4. Professional after-sales service team provides overseas service.


1. Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

We are a professional manufacturer and supplier specializing in SMT production lines, including SMT placement machines, reflow ovens, solder paste printers and other SMT line assembly machines. Please feel free to let us know your request.

2. What is the shipping method?

These are heavy machines. We recommend that you use a cargo ship.

But the parts used to repair the machine can be transported by air.

3. How is the warranty?

We support a one-year warranty. We provide a 24-hour online service. If the online service does not solve the problem, an engineer will come to your factory to help you solve it

4. What is your delivery date?

The delivery date is approximately 30 days after payment is received.

5. What is your payment terms?

Deposit 30% in advance,the balance 70% should be paid before shipment by T/T.

6. Why choose us?

China's leading SMT supplier.

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