Smd Pick And Place Machine

Smd Pick And Place Machine

1.RT-1 is a high accuracy, multi-function, on-line automatic pick and place machine, 2.led strip machine use ten mounting heads, equipped with high-precision components recognition system, on-line produce
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Product Details

smd pick and place machine

SMT Pick and Place machine is one of the most important Machine used in Surface Mount Technology. It is also called pick and place robot.

It picks and places SMD electronic components onto the PCB prior to soldering. These machines contribute to about 50% of the total cost / price of any SMT production line.

RT-1 Details

1.RT-1 multi-functional pick and place machine.

2.New structure design, PCB board fixed, mounted head XYZ axis movement.

3.flight camera and head movement together, more accurate identification of coordinates.Faster speed;

4.Panasonic original servo motor control screw, not easy to wear, high stability;

5.Industrial computer control system, touch display, easy to operate; Mounting large components is faster and more stable.

In addition, it is applicable up to 0402 chips and 42mm ICs. It has improved actual productivity and placement quality by applying high speed and high precision electrically driven feeders. Furthermore, since it is designed to be compatible with pneumatic feeders, it maximizes the customer’s operational convenience.

PCBPCB length widthMax:400*350mm min:50*50mm
PCB thickness0.1~6mm
O.S.systemWindows 7
softwareR&D independently
displayTouch screen monitor



No.of camera

2 sets of imported camera

Vision alignment ,mark correction

Mounting precision0.02mm(repeat precision)
Mounting height<25mm
Mounting speed30000~35000CPH
Components space0.2mm
Power380AC 50HZ
Power consumption6KW
X,Y,X axis drive wayServo motor control for X,Y,Z axis
Feeding systemNo.of feeders station26 PCS
No.of nozzles8 PCS


LED、capacitors、resistors、IC、lens 、shaped components、etc.

Product Applications

LED house lighting: LED tube, LED bulb, LED ceiling light, led panel, led candle light

LED lighting product: soft led strip, led strip, led module

LED screen.


1.Payment terms: Deposit 30% in advance,the balance 70% should be paid before shipment by T/T.

2.Delivery time: 30 days after deposit.

3.Warranty: 1 year.(including spare parts)

The exhibition show

Our company has been to many places to participate in exhibitions, such as Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Vietnam and so on.

Production line layout

RT-1 semi-auto production line

After-sale Service

we will send our engineer to your factory to install machine and training freely.

We have service office in india,and have indian engineer in delhi and mumbai.Can support quickly.

Standard warranty is one year,during warranty,any parts need to be repaired and replaced will be free.

Pre-Consultation: provides professional SMT solutions for the full line.

Factory Warranty: One-year warranty factory service.

Installation: On-site installation and commissioning, to ensure smooth production.

Software Upgrade: offers lifetime free software upgrades for all products


1.What’s the terms of payment? What about the trade term?

T/T is OK. You can choose FOB Shenzhen.

2.What type of transportation can be used?

Our modes of transportation are flexible, and we can choose both sea, land and air transportation.

3.Is this machine difficult to operate?

No, not at all. For our previous clients, at most 5 days is enough to learn to operate the machines.

4.Is your software interface in English?

English interface and Chinese interface are both available.

5.Why choose us?

Leading SMT Supplier in China;In the LED industry market share is in an absolute leading position.

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