LED Bulb Pick And Place Machine

LED Bulb Pick And Place Machine

1.RT-1 is a high accuracy, multi-function, on-line automatic pick and place machine, 2.led strip machine use ten mounting heads, equipped with high-precision components recognition system, on-line produce
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Product Details

Fully Automatic pick and place machine


1.New economy servo motor high-speed multi-functional pick and place machine,

2. Head :10 head mounting, 10 suction nozzles to pick at the same time

3. Vision system: imported camera visual alignment, MARK correction, improve the SMT stability, precision and pasted on the maximize placement rate.

4.Speed:maximum patch speed is 30000 ~ 35000CPH

5.exclusive patent technology:

electronic feeder feeding system

faster and more accurate

non-stop material re-loading system

save time cost and artificial cost.

6.PCB size:The maximum size of PCB is 400*350mm

RT-1 pick and place machine


Components:resistor,capacitor,led,IC,shaped components.

Products:DOB,led light,led street light,panel light,led bulbs,tube,power driver etc

Product Advantages

1. 4 pcs of cameras: 2pc of Mark, and 2 pcs of high-speed recognition cameras, synchronously recognize, effectively ensure mounting speed and precision.

2. XY drive uses imported high-precision grinding ball screw rod + imported heavy-duty linear guide, quick positioning, low noise, high precision.

3.Servo Motor and Drive, precise linear guide, Vacuum generator, high-precise nozzles, automatic feeding integrated system and high-configuration IPC - High precision, strong stability, promise 24-hour mounting stably.

4.New mounting mode: the PCB board is fixed, and the head moves in the direction of XYZ axis. When attaching high components, the stability is improved.

Our Services

1.Video technical support

2.24-hour online support

3.Goods tracking support

4.Free broken parts(Within 1 YEAR warranty )


Q:How is the training?

A:After buying our machines,your engineers can go to our company or it is so easy to operate

the machine according the training video and user manual,the user manual will come with the machine together.

Q:Is it hard to use these machines?

A:No,not hard at all.For our previous clients,at most 2 days is enough to learn to operate the machines.

Q:Does your machines have quality certificate?

A:All of our machines have passed CE certificate,ISO14001(BCC),ISO9001(IQNET) and have own patent.

Q:The Warranty of the machine?

A:One year,then the parts will be free for the buyer in the warranty.

Q:English version for these machines?


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