Durable Perfect Economic Model Smt LED Mounting Machine

Durable Perfect Economic Model Smt LED Mounting Machine

1.RT-2 is a high accuracy, multi-function, on-line automatic pick and place machine, 2.led strip machine use ten mounting heads, equipped with high-precision components recognition system, on-line produce
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Durable Perfect economic model smt LED mounting machine

Durable Perfect economic model smt LED mounting machine

Dual module SMT pick and place machine can satisfy you to mount two kinds of materials in same machine at the same time, so that you can improve the production efficiency with lower production cost. We are always providing you with lower cost and more efficient SMT production line solutions.

1.Using two substrate feed mode, the maximum can be applied 400mm * 300mm large-size substrate placement operations, Which can be achieved at a lower cost in the high-speed growth ,LED display screen and lighting, and so on Industry LED chip placement processing.

2. The highest level of productivity placement speed 60000~70000CPH(Best condition).

3.Although the volume is small and light, but can achieve higher productivity.No great noise will be made during the operation of the machine.

4.Suitable for mounting a lot of components, only one machine can identify and mount a variety of components.Such as led,capacitors,resistors,shaped components,etc.

5.The operation interface adopts the complete graphic solution which is not restricted by language type, while the touch screen operation is easy to novice operation; In addition, But also according to the operator's line of sight up and down angle adjustment.




PCB length width

Max:400*300mm min:50*50mm

PCB thickness


PCB clamping

Electric clamping

Mounting mode

ØGroup to pick and separate to place

ØSeparate to pick and separate to place



Windows 7


R&D independently


Touch screen monitor

Input device

Keyboard , mouse



No.of camera

4 sets of imported camera

Vision alignment ,mark correction

Mounting precision

0.04mm(repeat precision)

Mounting height


Mounting speed


Components space



380AC 50HZ

Power consumption


Gas consumption

0.4~0.6mpa 300N/min

Transmission speed


Transmission direction

Single left to right or right to left

Transmission mode

Auto online drive

Air pressure

>5.0kg /cm²

Electrical control

Independent research and development by ETON

X,Y,X axis drive way

Servo motor control for X,Y,Z axis

Feeding system

No.of feeders station

64 PCS

No.of nozzles

20 PCS

Feeding way

Electric feeder with double motor


Magnetic linear motor multifunctional pick and place machine,Double-module magnetic linear motor multifunctional pick and place machine

Mounting linear components:LED、capacitors、resistors、IC、shaped components、etc.

Exclusive patented technology

Electronic feeder feeding system

Vision alignment flight identification,mark correction

Auto-optimization after coordinates generated ,etc.

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