Led Smt Pick And Place Machine For Power Driver

Led Smt Pick And Place Machine For Power Driver

1.RT-1 is a high accuracy, multi-function, on-line automatic pick and place machine, 2.led strip machine use ten mounting heads, equipped with high-precision components recognition system, on-line produce
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Product Details

led smt pick and place machine for power driver

Two kinds of visual location system, one is Mark locating visual system in the upside another one is importing camera components location adjust recognition system in the downside, which can insure the accuracy of SMT.

The Z axis was powered by 10 servomotors and made by CNC brushed aluminum rod which insured the high-speed material feed.

Powerful function: with different material feeder, it can finish different SMT for led product.

Product Advantages

1. 4 pcs of cameras: 2pc of Mark, and 2 pcs of high-speed recognition cameras, synchronously recognize, effectively ensure mounting speed and precision.

2. XY drive uses imported high-precision grinding ball screw rod + imported heavy-duty linear guide, quick positioning, low noise, high precision.

3.Servo Motor and Drive, precise linear guide, Vacuum generator, high-precise nozzles, automatic feeding integrated system and high-configuration IPC - High precision, strong stability, promise 24-hour mounting stably.

4.New mounting mode: the PCB board is fixed, and the head moves in the direction of XYZ axis. When attaching high components, the stability is improved.



LED、capacitors、resistors、IC、lens 、shaped components、etc.

Product Applications

LED house lighting: LED tube, LED bulb, LED ceiling light, led panel, led candle light

LED lighting product: soft led strip, led strip, led module

LED screen.

Linear bulbs



1.Payment terms: Deposit 30% in advance,the balance 70% should be paid before shipment by T/T.

2.Delivery time: 30 days after deposit.

3.Warranty: 1 year.(including spare parts)

After-sale Service

Pre-Consultation: provides professional SMT solutions for the full line.

Factory Warranty: One-year warranty factory service.

Installation: On-site installation and commissioning, to ensure smooth production.

Technical Training: provides professional training from Level 1 to Level 3.

Technical Support: provides 7 * 24 technical support.

Software Upgrade: offers lifetime free software upgrades for all products Provide latest information about technology and equipment.


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