Semi-auto Stencil Printer 600mm ET-S600 SMT Stencil Priting Machine

Semi-auto Stencil Printer 600mm ET-S600 SMT Stencil Priting Machine

Semi-auto stencil printer 600mm ET-S600 SMT stencil priting machine
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Product Details

Semi-auto stencil printer 600mm ET-S600 



Product description:

1.This is Semi-auto stencil printer 600mm ET-S600 , the size is 1400*800*1680mm, the platform size is 300*600mm, the PCB size is 250*550mm, the template size is 550*830mm, the printing speed is 0-8000mm/min, the repeatability accuracy is 20mm, the weight of reference hole in the external positioning mode of 0.01mm is about 200kg







Platform size


PCB size


Template size


Printing speed


PCB thickness


PCB fine tuning range


Power supply

1PAC220V 50/60HZ

Platform height


Repeatability precision


Positioning mode

Outside/Reference hole



Company profile :

 ShenZhen ETON Automation Equipment Co., a leading manufacturer of automatic SMT machine.In 2011,set up ShenZhen Eton Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd.In 2011,HT-12 series began selling.In 2011,HT-E3 was complete research and development (Eton 3 generation machine).


Product features:

1. Microcomputer control, touch screen display, menu operation interface.

2. Scraper float.(similar to automatic printing machine, the scraper can float up and down freely and adjust the level with the steel mesh automatically.

3. The pressure of the scraper can be adjusted (the pressure of the scraper on the steel mesh can be adjusted according to the length of different types of scraper.

4. (that is, similar to automatic printing machine, the steel mesh shall slowly rise and release the mold within 2 seconds, and then rise and leave the PCB board rapidly, which can avoid the drawing phenomenon of stripping, save time and improve production efficiency).

5. In the menu of touch screen, you can independently set the stopping time of the scraper on the left, on the right and on the left, as well as the overall stopping time of the steel mesh.

6. Benchmark hole positioning plate locating fixed way, reference edge positioning and benchmark hole positioning at the same time, to the reference edge on a template for a variety of different forms of positioning.

7. Touch screen with have the functions of time display, automatic printing number count, the screen protection function.

8. Is equipped with scraper speed adjustable function and safety of emergency stop function.

9. Printing patterns: single/double set menu (optional).

10. . Printing working state: automatic/semi-automatic/inching printing state (menu setting is optional).


Our Company


Every day, people all over the globe develop new ideas – ideas that can improve our lives and our world.

Helping to turn these ideas into real products is what we do and what drives us. To accomplish this, we are constantly advancing the limits of feasibility and efficiency by developing innovative solutions for the complete electronics production chain and the SMT placement process .  ETON is dedicated to making quality products that help our clients operate more efficiently and effectively. ETON is guided by the principles of fairness to our suppliers, associates, clients and employees, and helping them achieve to the best of their potential.


Core Competencies

Over the years, we have developed core competencies that warrant us to be the global leader in the industry: Customization , Short lead time , Flexibility , Customer Satisfaction , Premium Quality Products , Value For Money , International Distribution Network , Extensive Service Support

Corporate Objectives

To maintain customer satisfaction through timely delivery of reliable products and servicesTo maintain an efficient and quality driven work environment with an emphasis on constant Research and Development to provide technologically superior products To attract and retain quality personnel through an equitable reward system, constant training and upgrading of skills as well as career enhancement opportunities


Our Services

1. offer  detail manual user .

2. customer to our factory  study and training .

3. offer overseas  service :  can send  engineers

4. to  customer  factory for install

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