Smt Soldering Machine With Lead-free, Suitable For Smt Production Line

Smt Soldering Machine With Lead-free, Suitable For Smt Production Line

Top lead free reflow oven with ten heating zones R10 L*W*H=5400*1320*1490 MM, with computer gray, and total 2300 kg
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Product Details

Top lead free reflow oven with ten heating zones



1. Net/chain transmission by computer to carry out the whole closed loop control, which can meet different kinds of PCB production at the same time.

2. With fault sound and light alarm function.

3. With leakage protector, ensure that the operating personnel and control system security.

4. The built-in UPS and automatic delay shutdown system guarantee return welder in power or overheat do not damaged PCB and the machine.


R10 features:

1. R10 L*W*H=5400*1320*1490 MM, with computer gray, and total 2300 kg

2. Mesh and chain transmission type with net height is 900±20mm

3. Standard auto/manual Lubrication

4. Max. Width of PCB is 400mm

5. Process Data and status storage(80GB)

6. Aluminum Alloy Plate

7. Abnormal temperature (extra-high/extra-low temperature)

8. 10m³/min * 2 exhausts Exhaust Volume

9. Max. Width of PCB 400mm

10. Mesh belt width 450mm


Reflow oven classification and composition:

From the machine, there are: three temperature zone reflow soldering, five temperature zone reflow soldering, eight temperature zone reflow soldering, ten temperature zone reflow soldering, twelve zone temperature reflow soldering, etc.

From the technical point of view: there are preheating zone, constant temperature zone, welding zone, cooling zone


Logistics and delivery:


By sea/Train/Airplane( determines by customer )


Wooden box with vacuum package

Lead Time:

Around 4 weeks after payment


After sales service:

Our after-sales service system is very perfect and can meet the needs of customers in a timely manner. In addition to the professional after-sales department, we have two offices in India that can provide services very quickly.

Of course, we also have a standard warranty period, so that customers can use it without worry. We will also send engineers to the factory to install and debug the machine, and replace the damaged parts for free during the warranty period.

In addition, we will provide the latest technical information and walk with the customers at the forefront of the industry!



Our company sells many types of smt machine, please contact us if you are interested.


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