SMT Semi-automatic Stencil Printer For Pcb Electric

SMT Semi-automatic Stencil Printer For Pcb Electric

Standard semi-automatic high-precision stencil printing(Professional 1.2M) Printing area: 1200×250 mm Plate Area: 1250×300 mm

Product Details

ET-S1200 Semi-automatic stencil printer

The importance of stenticl printer:

Solder paste printing machine as the first main process equipment of SMT production line, 60% of the defects come from the printing quality, its importance is self-evident



(1) the governor motor drive scraper, combining precision linear guide, ensure the printing precision;

(2) printing scraper can rotate 45 degrees of fixed upwards, printing plate and scraper cleaning and replacement;

(3) the scraper holder can adjust forward and backward, to select the suitable printing position;

(4) combined printing platen, has a fixed groove and positioning PIN, easy installation and adjustment, it is used for single and double panel printing;

(5) steel bar-mesh mobile school edition way, combined with the printing machine (PCB) XYZ calibration adjustment, convenient and quick.

(6) can be set unidirectional and bidirectional multiple printing methods.


Technical parameter:







Stencil printer











Standard semi-automatic high-precision stencil printing

(Professional 1.2M)

Printing area:         1200×250 mm

Plate Area:        1250×300 mm

Stencil Frame Size: 470×370 mm~1300×550 mm (L×W)

Positioning   way:     positioning pin

Scraper Speed:    0-100 mm/sec

Power:           220V single phase, 50/60 HZ

Power Consumption: 120 W

PCB plate thickness:0.2-2.0 mm

Plate Trimming:    Front/back +/- 10mm Right/Left   +/- 10mm

Printing Precision:  +/- 0.05 mm

Air supply:        5-7 KGF/cm2

Weight:              360 kg

Dimension:        (L)1600 x(W)900 x(H)1650 mm

Structure of the machine:

            Length:1600 mm                 

             Width:900 mm                   

            Height:1650 mm                 

            Weight:360 kg                    



            max stencil frame size:1300*550 mm     

             min stenciil frame size:470*370 mm      

Logistics and delivery:


By sea


Wooden box

Arrival Time:

Four weeks after payment


Company Information:

Shenzhen ETON Automation Equipment Co. LTD. is a leading manufacturer of automatic high-speed pick and place machine focusing on “High efficiency Low consumption” in the word, meanwhile ETON is also the largest high-tech manufacturer in China with strong capability of design, R&D, manufacturing, sales and service, and rated as “Shenzhen high-tech enterprise” “China high-tech enterprise” “Shenzhen top brand” “2015 LED Technology innovation Award” “The 4th China LED First Innovation Award” “Industry Special Contribution Award” “Double soft enterprise” etc.


After sales service:

1.To provide you with quality service, to create a safe, environmentally friendly, stable and reliable product.

2.Perfect qualifications, perfect after-sales, let you have peace of mind!

3.We serve customers and wholeheartedly provide pre-sales and after-sales services for customers.

Contact us:

Shenzhen ETON Automation Equipment Co. LTD.

Local in: 44th.Building,5th.Cuigang Industrial Area, Fuyong, Baoan District, Shenzhen,China


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