Smt Reflow Oven Machine

Smt Reflow Oven Machine

UP 6/BOTTOM6 heating zones One set cooling zones 2500MM Length of heating zones Heating mode is hot air Cooling Mode is force air
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Six zones reflow oven ET-R6

Advantages of different reflow soldering:

Different reflow soldering has different advantages, and the process flow is of course different.

1. Infrared reflow soldering: high efficiency of radiation conduction heat, large temperature steepness, easy to control temperature curve, and easy to control the temperature of PCB upper and lower when double-sided welding. Shadow effect, uneven temperature, easy to cause component or PCB partial burnout

2. Hot air reflow soldering: Convective conduction temperature is uniform and welding quality is good.


ET-R6 Parameter:


1. Heating System:

UP 6/BOTTOM6 heating zones

One set cooling zones

2500MM Length of heating zones

Heating mode is hot air

Cooling Mode is force air


2. Conveyor System:

Max. Width of PCB is 350mm

Mesh belt width  is 400mm

Transmission Direction can be L→R or R→L

Transmission Net Height is 880±20mm

Mesh and chain transmission type

Range of rail width 0-300mm

0-1500mm/min conveyor speed

Standard auto/manual Lubrication

Manual(option:auto) upper hood method

Front rail fixed

Components high is 25mm


3. Control system

Power supply: 5line 3phase 380V 50/60Hz

Total power: 28kw

Starting power: 28kw

Normal power consumption : 4KW

Warming time:About 20 mins

Temp. setting range: Room temperature-300℃

Temp. control method: PLC & PC

Temp. control precision: ±1℃

Temp. deviation on PCB: ±2℃

Data storage: Process Data and status storage(80GB)

Nozzle plate: Aluminum Alloy Plate

Abnormal Alarm: Abnormal temperature. (extra-high/extra-low temp.)

Board dropped alarm: Tower light: Yellow-warming, Green-normal, Red-abnormal


4. General

Dimension(L*W*H):  3600×1000×1490mm

Weight : 700KG

Color: Computer gray


Logistics and delivery:

Our machine packing adopt vacuum add wooden box packing. It is very firm.

Also we can accept shipping or training , even flying, it is according to the customer needs. In generally, the machine will be delivery in four weeks after payment.


Company Information:

ETON IS is the manufacture of smt machine, set up in 2011. From 2014-2018, ETON has launched a variety of models,which save much labors and space of production, got large market share in KOREA, INDIA, GERMANY, EGYPT, TURKEY, VIETNAM, TUNISIA, THAILAND more than 20 countries.



Wish to establish long-term stability and contact and cooperation with you.


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SMT Reflow Oven sutable for led lighting and electric board production line


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