Reflow Oven Machine With 10 Ovens

Reflow Oven Machine With 10 Ovens

Moduel:ET-R10 Apply to : smt production line Device is equipped with mesh belt, transport smoothly, no shaking and no deformation, which ensure smooth PCB transport.
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Product Details

Top lead free reflow oven with ten heating zones



1. Device is equipped with mesh belt, transport smoothly, no shaking and no deformation, which ensure smooth PCB transport. Synchronous guide transmission mechanism and automatic SMT machine online connection ensure that guide adjustable wide precision and high service life.  

2. Automatic control lubrication system and automatic lubrication transmission chain.

3. All heating zone control by computer PID(upper temperature zone and lower temperature zone implementation independent temperature control, that means it can divide temperature area heat, in order to reduce starting power






Number of cooling zones


Length of heating zones


Heating mode

Hot air

Cooling Mode

Forced air cooling

Exhaust Volume

10m³/min * 2 exhausts

Mesh belt width


Transmission Direction                   

L→R(option: R→L)

Transmission Net Height


Transmission type

Mesh and chain

Range of rail width


Conveyor speed


Auto/manual Lubrication


Fixed rail side

Front rail fixed(option: rear rail fixed)           

Components high

Top and bottom 25mm

Total power


Starting power


Normal power consumption


Warming time

20 mins

Temp. setting range

From room temp. To 300℃

Temp. control method

PID close loop control & SSR driving

Temp. control precision


Temp. deviation on PCB


Data storage

Process Data and status storage(80GB)

Nozzle plate

Aluminum Alloy Plate


Maintenance system:


We have to do the maintenance work after reflow soldering; otherwise it is difficult to maintain the service life of the equipment.

1. Every day, every component should be inspected, pay special attention to the conveyor belt, and it should not be stuck or detached.

2. When servicing the machine, turn off the power to prevent electric shock or short circuit

3. The machine must be stable and must not be tilted or unstable

4. In case of heating in individual temperature zones, the corresponding fuses should be checked by re-melting the paste pre-assigned to the printed circuit board pads.


Logistics and delivery:


1.  Delivery time: Usually 2o working days after payment.

2. Delivery: Mainly by shipping transport, but it decide by the customer.

3. Packing: Our packing are combined with wooden case packaging and vacuum wrapping.

Reflow oven pakage 



1. We have our professional service department which can support quickly and professional.

2. We will according customer’s plan to give the best suggestions and as much as possible to satisfied customer’s need.

3. We have standard maintenance period---one year, and we offer On-site service

In a word, we will be customer-oriented from the customer's point of view


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