Automatic Cleaning Equiment For Pcb

Automatic Cleaning Equiment For Pcb

Automatic Cleaning Equiment For Pcba Or pcb Cleaning PCB cleaning machine
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 Smt Assembly Line Automatic Cleaning Equiment For Pcba Or pcb Cleaning   


PCB cleaning machine

The pcb board cleaning machine is a product that many manufacturers choose now. Its use is good, it is durable and can be used in various industries.



It can be controlled by touch screen.

It is very intuitive and easy to operate.

It can control all important functions of the cleaning machine.

 pcb cleaning machine


The whole machine is divided into six process sections, namely pre-cleaning section, water cleaning section, isolated washing section, circulating flushing section and finally washing section and the drying section

Adopt high-energy 'Coherent Jet' jetting technology, and complete the cleaning, rinsing and drying processes on the line to achieve excellent cleaning effect, and can remove residual pollutants in various electronic components and PCB assembly processes. Including water-soluble flux, RMA flux, no-clean flux, salt in PCB plating, fingerprints, dust and rosin tin beads.


Technical parameter



Substrate size

min:50*50mm  Max:330*350mm

Transfer motor

Stepper motor

Transfer speed

0-17.5 m / min


Mitsubishi PLC control, operation panel for display control touch screen

Transmission Direction

Single(left→right or right→left)

 cleaning machine (2)

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