Reflow Oven Machine

Reflow Oven Machine

Top lead free reflow oven with ten heating zones Suitable for max width 400 mm pcb size
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Top lead free reflow oven with ten heating zones



1. Have password administration of the operating system, to prevent the irrelevant personnel changes to the process parameters, operation records management traceability process parameters change process, improve the management convenient. For storing user existing temperature speed setting and Settings of the temperature curve, and can be used for all data and curve printing;

2. Integrated control window, the computer switch, test curve, print curve and data transmission are easily operation, humanized design. Equipped with three-channel temperature curve online testing system, may at any time to check welding objects by the actual temperature curve (without the other match temperature curve tester)








Computer gray


Conveyor System:

Max. Width of PCB


Mesh belt width


Transmission Direction

L→R(option: R→L)

Transmission Net Height


Transmission type

Mesh and chain

Range of rail width


Conveyor speed


Auto/manual Lubrication


Fixed rail side

Front rail fixed(option: rear rail fixed)

Components high

Top and bottom 25mm

 Reflow oven ET-R10-2

Heating and control System:

1. Number of heating zones: Up 10/ bottom 10

2. Heating mode: Hot air

3. Cooling Mode: Forced air cooling

4. Power supply: 5 line 3 phase 380V 50/60HZ

5. Warming time: 20 mins

6. Temp. control method: PID close loop control & SSR driving

7. Data storage: Process Data and status storage(80GB)

8. Nozzle plate:  Aluminum Alloy Plate

9. Abnormal Alarm: Abnormal temperature (extra-high/extra-low temperature)

10. Board dropped alarm: Tower light


What is Preheating zone?

Preheating zone: PCB and material (components) are preheated, and the reflow oven is said to be the heating effect of the previous one or two heating zones. Higher preheating, the material to be welded is thermally balanced, the solder paste starts to move, and the flux and other components are heated up by the temperature, and the reflow oven is said to be the heating effect of the third to fourth heating zones.


What is Constant temperature zone?

Constant temperature zone: After removing the surface oxide, some airflow begins to evaporate (start welding) and the temperature reaches the melting point of the solder paste (the solder paste is in the dissolved state), which is the fifth and sixth seven for the reflow oven. Heating effect in the heating zone.

 Rflow oven ET-R8-3


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