Professional New Lead-free Reflow Oven

Professional New Lead-free Reflow Oven

8 zones reflow oven with guide rail ET-R8 Dimension: 4900*1270*1450(mm) PCB Size: 50~350 mm, can be adjustable
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 8 zones reflow oven with guide rail ET-R8


The main process characteristics of reflow soldering:

1. Purifying the surface of the metal to be soldered with flux (removing oxide) to provide good wettability to the solder;

2. supplying molten solder to wet the metal surface;

3. Forming an intermetallic compound between the solder and the weld metal;

4. In addition, micro soldering can be achieved.



1) Dimension: 4900*1270*1450(mm)

2) Starting total power: 45KW,  Normal: 8KW

3) Controlled temperature zones : up 8 heating Zones, down 8 heating zones, 2 cooling zone

4) Heating length: 3000MM

5) Heat up time: <25min

6) Mode of transport: Mesh belt and guide rail

7)PCB Size: 50~350 mm, can be adjustable

8)Apply solder paste type:  Lead-free solder/Ordinary solder

9)Applicable components type: BGA,CSP etc. single/double sided


Imported structure:

1. Panasonic Transmission motor

2. Siemens Control system PLC

3. SAGTAR UPS uninterruptible power supply

4. OMRON Relay

5. CHNT Contactor, Phase sequence protector, Rotary switch, Emergency switch and Air switch


Effect of reflow hot air speed on welding quality

The speed of the hot air motor in the reflow oven will directly change the hot air reflow in the unit area. The speed of the wind speed can be used as an adjustable process factor in some PCB circuit board welding, but under the current development trend, the single sub-component The miniaturization and miniaturization are gradually being widely used, and the strong reflow speed will cause the position of small components to shift and fall into the reflow oven. On the surface, the change in reflow soldering speed affects the thermal conductivity of reflow soldering, but in actual production, the color of the fan motor and heater fails to reduce the relative heat flux in the reflow oven. So we sacrificed the adjustability of the fan speed in some programs, but we guarantee that there will be no missing parts in production.

 ET-R8-2smt trdlow oven

Good service:

We will provide a complete service for our customer:

1.we will install machine and training operating for our customer, it is freely.

2. We will provide the standan warranty for our customer, which is one year. And during the warranty, any parts need to be repaired and replace will be free,

3.We will visit customer regurlary.

4.We will sent our new information about technology to our customer.

What we would do for our customer is a lot of, it is uncountable.



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