Led Pcb reflow oven Machine

Led Pcb reflow oven Machine

Model: ET-R5 Heating Zone: Top 5 / Bottom 5 Heating Passage: 1800mm Heating Style: Hot air Cooling zone: one zone
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ET-R5 Small Size Reflow Oven

The advantage of reflow oven

Reflow soldering technology is no stranger to electronics manufacturing. The components on the various boards used in our computers are soldered to the board by this process. The inside of the device has a heating circuit that uses air or nitrogen. After heating to a high enough temperature, blow to the board that has been attached to the component, so that the solder on both sides of the component melts and sticks to the motherboard. The advantage of this process is that the temperature is easy to control, oxidation is avoided during the welding process, and manufacturing costs are easier to control.



Model: ET-R5

Heating Zone: Top 5 / Bottom 5

Heating Passage: 1800mm

Heating Style: Hot air

Cooling zone: one  zone


PCB Max Width: 300mm

Conveyor direction: Left-Right(R-L optional)

Process height: 880±20mm

Conveyor Style: mesh belt

Conveyor speed: 0-1500mm/min


Power: 5 lines 3 phase AC 380V 50/60Hz

Startup consumption:12KW

Steady Consumption:5kw

Ramp up time: aprrox 15mins

Temperature set-point Room temerature to 400°C

Temperature control:PID Tenmperatem closed loop control

Temperature accuracy:±1°C

Deviation temperature on pcb:±2°C


Abnormal alarm:equipped temperature abnormal alarm device


Net Weight:450kgs



We offer a standard one-year warranty, and any replacement of parts will be free during the repair period, and we will install and commission free of charge, and visit customers regularly.



We provide complete sales service, this includes a range of guaranteed services including pre-sales preparation, in-sale product introduction, after-sales product installation and commissioning, and maintenance.

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