Lead Free 6 Zone Reflow Oven For Smt Lline

Lead Free 6 Zone Reflow Oven For Smt Lline

Module : R6 reflow oven UP 6/BOTTOM6 heating zones Apply: pcb industry for smt line
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Product Details

Six zones reflow oven ET-R6

Reflow oven machine

Reflow soldering machines, also known as reflow soldering machines, reflow soldering, all refer to the same device. The function of reflow soldering is to solder the PCB board and components, which has the functions of high production efficiency, less soldering defects and stable performance. It is an important welding equipment in PCBA processing plants.



Heating System:

UP 6/BOTTOM6 heating zones

One set cooling zones

2500MM Length of heating zones

Heating mode is hot air

Cooling Mode is force air


Conveyor system

1. It can suitable for max pcb width is 350 mm and 0-300 mm rail width

2.The transmission net height is 880±20mm with mesh and chain transmission type

3.The range of rail width is 0-300 mm

4.The conveyor speed is 0-1500 mm/min

5.Manual upper hood method

6.Components high is 25 mm


Temp. control:


Temp. setting range

Room temperature-300℃

Temp. control method


Temp. control precision


Temp. deviation on PCB



Packing and Transport:

1.Our mainly transport is ocean shipping,

2. The packing way is use the wooden box,

3. Around 4 weeks after payment will delivery.


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