SMT Reflow Soldering Oven

SMT Reflow Soldering Oven

8 zones reflow oven with guide rail ET-R8 4900mm length, 1270mm width, 1450mm height with 1800 kg
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 8 zones reflow oven with guide rail ET-R8


What are the advantages of reflow soldering technology?

(1) When reflow soldering technology is used for soldering, the printed circuit board does not need to be immersed in the molten solder, but the local heating is used to complete the soldering task; thus the soldered components are less subject to thermal shock and are not overheated. Causes damage to components.

(2) Since welding is only required to apply solder at the soldering portion and local heating is completed, welding defects such as bridging are avoided.

(3) In the reflow soldering technology, the solder is only used in a secondary manner, and there is no reuse. Therefore, the solder is clean and has no impurities, which ensures the quality of the solder joint.



1. Using UPS Power protect

2. Full computer control

3. Furnace electric screw

4. 4900mm length, 1270mm width, 1450mm height with 1800 kg

5. ±1℃Temp. Accuracy

6. ±2℃PCB Temp. Deviation


Imported structure:

1. Panasonic Transmission motor

2. Siemens Control system PLC

3. SAGTAR UPS uninterruptible power supply

4. OMRON Relay

5. CHNT Contactor, Phase sequence protector, Rotary switch, Emergency switch and Air switch

6. American SSR contactless switch

7. Imported nickel wire Heating wire


ETON is focus on led lighting

We are set up in 2011, but we set up the R&D center in 2007, from then, began to LED special purpose SMT machine technology and patent research and development. In the past 12 years, we have focused on the production and development of LED placement machines, and have achieved great results, occupying 70% or 80% of the market share in the domestic market, and opening up the world in foreign markets. The door, and actively expand new areas, there are specialized offices abroad to better serve customers.



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