High Quality Solder Paste Mixer ​SMT Machine

High Quality Solder Paste Mixer ​SMT Machine

This is a High quality Solder paste mixer
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Product Details

Solder paste mixer



The machine features

maximum speed can reach 1000 rpm     

When stirring, it is necessary to de-ice the solder paste beforehand;

do not have to open the container;

power single phase 220v:

No gas problem:

does not destroy the shape of tin powder:

fixtures are suitable for all kinds of 500g packaging solder paste cans;

mixing time can be set arbitrarily;

8 has manual speed control function


Functions and instructions of operation panel for solder paste mixer

1: START button: START button, press this button to START motor rotation (the top cover must be covered), and START stirring.

2: STOP button: press this button to STOP stirring manually. After setting the running time, the machine will STOP automatically at the set time point. If you want to force the machine to STOP running, press this button.

3: time high up adjustment key: press this key to adjust the time high up. Each time you press the button, the stirring time will increase by 1 minute. When the time high is equal to 9, press this key again and it will return to 0.

4: time high down adjustment key: press this key to adjust time high down, each time the stirring time is reduced by 1 minute, when the time high is equal to 0, press this key again to return to 9.

5: adjust the time low position up: press this key to adjust the time low position up. Each time the stirring time is increased by 0.1 minutes. When the time low position is equal to 9, press this key again and it will return to 0.

6: downward adjustment key of time low position: press this key to adjust the time low position. Each time you press it, the stirring time will be reduced by 0.1 minutes. When the time low position is equal to 0, press this key to return to 9.


Solder paste mixer installation and commissioning:


Place the machine on a level stable table or floor and adjust the four feet of the machine. Keep the cup to the level to avoid abnormal sound or shaking when the machine is stirring at high speed:

Please check the operating voltage specification (Ac220v) of the machine and the voltage specification of the mains Match, turn on the single-phase 220v power supply;

Please confirm whether there is loose screw, the machine inside the machine must not have foreign objects, avoid sending Collision.


Confirm that the machine is placed smoothly.

Place the solder paste jar to be stirred completely in the fixture of the machine. Mix two cans at the same time 500G solder paste can.

Please turn the solder paste can by hand to confirm that there will be no collision. Cover the cover and turn on the power switch.

Adjust the panel time Set the time to the better stirring time, about 3-5 minutes. Depending on the solder paste brand and solder paste at the time.

After pressing the start switch, the running indicator lights. The machine starts to automatically stir at high speed, When the machine is finished, the machine will stop automatically, and the unit will automatically cut off the power when the cover is opened.

After the operation is completed, the operation stops and the display shows the actual mixing time.

In order to stop the machine running during operation, press the power switch key to stop and cancel the operation.


The solder paste mixer operating procedures and precautions


Company profile :

ShenZhen ETON Automation Equipment Co. is a high-quality SMT equipment provider in China, committed to bring the speed, precision and stability of equipment to every factory, and contribute kaiyang wisdom to the era of industrial intelligence.We provide competitive, safe and reliable products, solutions and services in the fields of SMT equipment and non-standard manufacturing. We open cooperation with each like-minded partner to stimulate organizational innovation, improve product quality and continuously create value for customers.

ETON adheres to the starting point of customer demand and the principle of customer service first, continuously accumulates experience and increases research and development investment to continuously improve its own level and customer satisfaction.



1: do not put the machine in a damp or high temperature place, and keep the surface clean.

2: take care of the machine. The working place of the machine should be smooth and clean.

3: when filling tin paste cans, the staff should lock the lock to prevent the occurrence of outside.

4. Do not place anything too heavy on the top of the machine to prevent the protection switch from being crushed.

5. The solder paste can only be taken out after the motor stops completely to prevent the operator from being hurt.

6: sealed bearing, without constant lubrication and maintenance.

Safety and Fast Transportation

1.  Packing: Vacuum wooden box packaging

2. Payment terms: T/T (30% deposit to start the production, 70% paid before delivery) 

3. Delivery date30 days after received the payment. 

4. Delivery means: By sea from ShenZhen


Services and products:

Our company is professional in manufacturing pick and place machine and wave soldering machine,besides both two kinds of products, we also engaged in offering SMT conveyor, reflow oven, LED equipments, PCB loader and unloader, solder paste and other SMT machines.


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