Electrical SMT Production Line

Electrical SMT Production Line

Electrical SMT production line by smt machines, such as pick and place machine, conveyor, reflow oven, stencil printer
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Electrical SMT production line


Electrical product market

Electrical product as the daily necessary consumables, in the future will be got much market share. Also the future development direction will be green, small development, more integrated and easier to carry and use


How to make electrical product ?

For electrical product, the most important is the PCBA design and mounting. Because the size of components are smaller and smaller, so it make high requirement of SMT machines which function is mounting components. Normally, SMT line process as fellow:

Loader-automatic stencil printer-pick and place machine-reflow oven

But for electrical product will add the test machines for high quality products, as :

Loader-automatic stencil printer-SPI-pick and place machine-AOI-reflow oven.

Different product will have different line design, if you have any doubt for the line design, please fell free to contact Joy Yao WHATSAPP number :+8613590151025


ETON SMT Machine

ETON as the leading manufacturer of SMT Machines in China, we provide as fellow products:

  • Conveyor

  • Pick and place machine

  • Reflow oven

  • Semiautomatic printer

  • Automatic printer

  • Solder Mixer

  • PCB cleaning machine

  • Solder paste cleaning machine

  • Loader machine

  • Un-loader machine

  • Vacuum loader

  • Translational conveyor

  • Automatic nozzles cleaner



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