Best SMD Machine For Led Lighting

Machine name: smd machine, smt machine
Application: LED Tube, bulb, lens, panel, down light, street light, etc.
Capacity:90000 cph
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Best SMD machine for led lighting 


Best SMD Machine

SMD machine is the machine for mounting led, resistor, IC, shaped components, capacitor, etc.

For different products choose different SMD Machines. Like the conveyor, there are 0.5m,0.6m,1.2m,1.5m and the max PCB size for different pick and place machine module also are very different.

ETON as the largest SMT machine manufacturer provide the best quality smt machine with many big led lighting factory.


Pick and place machine parameters

ETON Pick and place machine HT-E8D is high speed with 24 heads and 90000 cph.

Machine name: Pick and place machine

Machine dimension: 3150*2250*1650mm

Machine Weight:2500 kg


MAX PCB Size: 1200*300 mm

No.of camera: 4 sets (vision for the flight identification, mark correction)

XYZ Axis Drive way: High-end magnetic linear motor

 High precision smt machine

Machine service

ETON machine is very easy for operating, usually 3 to 5 days for training is enough, of course, we support much days for training if necessary.

Machine warranty is standard one year not include feeders and nozzles.

We support upgrade software by whole machine life.



1.       How many years of ETON set up ?

A: ETON set up from 2009, already 10 years.


2.       What kind of components ETON pick and place machine can mount ?

A:ETON pick and place machine suitable for mounting mini size is 0402 and max size is 17mm and height is no more than 15 mm.


3.       How can I contact with you ?

A:We are welcome contact by  Whatsapp/wechat :+8613590151025

Mounting speed

The speed of the placement machine is generally divided into theoretical speed and actual speed. Theoretical speed refers to the placement speed of the placement machine in the optimal state, including the speed under the optimal arrangement of the feeder installation sequence, placement sequence, and placement head selection; the actual speed is under actual production conditions. Various conditions cannot reach the optimal state due to specific conditions, so the actual speed is generally lower than the theoretical speed. In addition, the placement speed is a comprehensive index, which includes the walking speed of the XY axis, etc.

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