X Series: 8 Zones Lead-free Reflow Oven ET-R8

X Series: 8 Zones Lead-free Reflow Oven ET-R8

X series: 8 zones lead-free reflow oven ET-R8

Product Details

                                           X series: 8 zones lead-free reflow oven ET-R8
full computer lead-free reflow soldering machine equipment
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Product background :
Reflow soldering is a delicate process, and the biggest advantage of this technology is that it can weld the electronic components to the circuit board on some small circuit boards, so as to meet the needs of enterprises for the circuit board.In the early eighty s, the electronics or use one of the most common ordinary welding to electronic components to the circuit boards, but with the development of science and technology, electronic technology continues to improve, circuit board has been more and more exquisite, the usual welding method in cabinet welded on the circuit board, therefore, the emergence of reflow soldering technology is the trend of The Times.
Function :
Reflow soldering is mainly used with SMT process technology, in the SMT process, is the main purpose of reflow soldering will stick with components of the PCB board inside the orbit of reflow welding machine, after cooling, heating, heat preservation, welding, solder paste from cream after high temperature into a liquid, then through cooling into solid form, so as to realize the role of SMD electronic components and PCB welding.
Features :

Dimension: 4900*1270*1450(mm)
Starting total power: 45KW, Normal: 8KW
Controlled temperature zones : up 8 heating Zones, down 8 heating zones, 2 cooling zone
Heating length: 3000MM
Temp. Accuracy: ±1℃
PCB Temp. Deviation: ±2℃
Heat up time: <25min
Mesh speed: 0-1.8M/MIN
Mesh height: 900±20mm
Mesh width: 480 mm
Mode of transport: Mesh belt
PCB Size: 50~350 mm, can be adjustable
Apply solder paste type: Lead-free solder/Ordinary solder;
Applicable components type: BGA,CSP etc. single/double sided;
Power protect: UPS;
Control Method: Full computer control;
Screw: Furnace electric screw
Weight: 1800KG

Full computer lead-free reflow soldering machine selection material table

Transmission motorPanasonic
High temperature motorTaiwan SAYU
Control system PLCSiemens
UPS uninterruptible power supplySAGTAR
Air switchCHNT
Frequency converterINVT
SSR contactless switchAmerican
Phase sequence protectorCHNT
Heating wireImported nickel wire
Three-color lightChina
Rotary switchCHNT
Emergency switchCHNT
Computer hostGreat wall
Mesh beltStainless steel

Company profile :
ShenZhen ETON Automation Equipment Co.,LTD.is a leading manufacturer of automatic SMT machine.In 2011,set up ShenZhen Eton Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd.In 2011,HT-12 series began selling.In 2011,HT-E3 was complete research and development (Eton 3 generation machine).
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