Vibration Feeding System For Lens High Precision Multifunctional SMT Chip Shooter

Vibration Feeding System For Lens High Precision Multifunctional SMT Chip Shooter

Applicable To Vibration Feeding System For Lens High Precision Multifunctional Chip Shooter
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Product Details

Single module magnetic linear motor multifunctional pick and place machine HT-E5S




Technical parameter:

Number of Heads



Vision for the flight identification  


Drive Motor

High-end magnetic linear motor + Servo Motor

Max Placement Rate


Max Tape Feeder Capacity


power/power consumption

380AC,50Hz/  4kw

Mounting Precision

±0.02mm ,Vision alignment,

                   Mark vision

PCB Length Width

Max:500*350mm Min:100*100mm

Air pressure

>5Kg per cm

Component Range

Smallest Size 0402

Max Height 36mm

Company Introduction:

Company five level managerment policy: sincere business, focus on R&D, manufacturing intentions, considerate service, customer trust.

Eton mission: professional, excellent technology, sharing the results.

Eton goal: to create a national brand, build international Chinese enterprise.

Eton purpose: to create value for customers, creating benefits for society.

Client & Transportation & Parking :

ETON got large market share in USA , KOREA , INDIA , GERMANY , EGYPT , TURKEY , VIETNAM , TUNISIA , THAILAND more than 20 countries.

Our packing method is vacuum wooden case packing.

Supporting sea, air and land transportation.    


1. Before using the Pick and Place machine, you must understand the basic parameters of the placement machine;

2. Before running the Pick and Place machine, the operator should do a comprehensive inspection of the machine.

3. According to the boot operation sequence to implement the Pick and Place machine, there must have a detailed machine operation instructions;

4. It is necessary to conduct regular troubleshooting and maintenance work on the Pick and Place machine in a timely manner.

Exclusive patented technology:

1. Electronic feeder feeding system

2. Vision alignment flight identification,Mark correction

3. Non-stop material re-loading function

4. Auto-optimization after coordinates generated,etc

Our services

Before buying machine

1.Professional sales manager of LED SMT machine, provide professional suggestion

 and service to you !

2.24 hours online service and technical support, solve your questions quickly!

3.Sound company organization and working system, guarantee you a fast delivery!

4.Design and provide the whole SMT processing lines for you based on your budget , 

workshop covering area with best prices!

After buying machine

1.1 year free warranty

2.Visit customers regularly and gather information.

3.Provide latest information about technology and equipment.

Ship  and package

1.shipping:  Within 30 days after payment 

2.Packaging:  Standard export package or customized packag

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