Street Panel Bulb Led Lighting Making Machine Automatic

Street Panel Bulb Led Lighting Making Machine Automatic

Name:Pick and place machine
Capacity:90000 cph
Apply to :Tube, bulb, lens, street light, power driver, dob,etc
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Street panel bulb led lighting making machine automatic smt line


LED Lighting widely apply


LED light is suitable for almost any occasion, its appearance. The size can replace the traditional daylight lamp, and it does not specify a specific interface. The tube body of the LED lamp is still very reliable. Generally, it will not break when it falls on the floor. Of course, it must be ruled out that it is deliberately dropped.

More importantly, the color of LED lights is very rich, far beyond the general fluorescent tube that can only emit white light, so it can be used in occasions that require decoration. Generally speaking, in the lighting industry, LED lights are the first to be used for lighting fixtures that can guarantee lighting effects and achieve energy-saving and environmental protection.


LED lighting making machine

Led lighting making machine HT-E8D, has new upgrade for more faster and stable. There upgrade to 12 heads and speed reach 90000 cph, technical parameter as fellow:

1.       Dimension:3150*2900*1900mm, automatic pick and place machine

2.       Apply to Led bulb, lens, panel, tube, strip, street light, power driver, etc.

3.       Components: LED, resistor, ic, capacitor, etc.

4.       Using electric feeder with double motor.

 BULB TUBE Led making machine

Shipping time

Hot sell, shipping time at least 28 working days, please contact us early, if you want to make it !!!


  1. Is it good machine ?

A:Yes, E8D is very good and highspeed, the main part is using import famouse brand .

  2.How can I get the price?

A: Sent us inquiry now, we will give you best price.

  3.Can E8D make tube?

A:Yes, E8D suitable for mounting led tube.

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