SMD Low Cost Pick And Place Machine For Led Bulb

SMD Low Cost Pick And Place Machine For Led Bulb

1.Dual module high performance universal magnetic linear motor multifunctional high speed mounter pick and place machine. 2.led light machine with very low material loss rate, can realize high speed PCB board handling, save the time of getting in and out of the board, the unique flight identification visual alignment system, to achieve high stability and high precision, not stop material re-loading and coordinate automatic generation function, save time.
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Product Details

SMD low cost pick and place machine for led bulb

Product features
1.HT-E8D pick and place machine, Platform drive adopts panasonic servo motor from Japan, and lead screw with linear guide rail to ensure the stability and control accuracy of platform movement.
2. HT-E8D led light manufactring machine with 16 high-speed heads work at the same time, greatly improving the cost performance of the equipment. Suction head movement, high precision, long durability.
3. The software adopts the database system, different kinds of PCB programming can be stored, easy to call, new product programming, lifelong call.
4. The negative pressure detection system is adopted to accurately detect the suction material and effectively prevent the material leakage and throwing.
5. Optional: 8mm, 12mm, 16mm and 24mm automatic feeder; Different suction nozzle

Function & Application
featuresExclusive Patented Technology
Dual system,dual module multifunctional mounter.To produce two different products at the same time.Electronic feeder feeding system
Mounting components:LED,capacitors,resistors,IC,shaped components,etc.Vision alignment flight identification,mark correction
Application: power driver.electric board.lens.linear bulb.household appliance etc.Non-stop material re-loading function
Component:min.size 0402 max.height 36 after coordinates generated ,etc


led light,tube,led bulbs,DOB,panel light,street light,downlight,1m strip light,etc

What is SMT:

SMT is Surface Mounted Technology, which is currently the most popular technology in the electronics assembly industry.

What are the features of SMT:

With high assembly density, small size and light weight of electronic products, the volume and weight of SMD components are only about one-tenth of traditional plug-in components. Generally, after SMT is adopted, the volume of electronic products is reduced by 40%~60%, and the weight is reduced by 60%~ 80%.

High reliability and strong anti-vibration ability. The defect rate of solder joints is low.

Good high frequency characteristics, reducing electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.

It is easy to realize automation and improve production efficiency. Reduce costs by 30%~50%. Save materials, energy, equipment, manpower, time, etc.

SMT production line layout

E8D semi-auto whole production line

After-sale Service

we will send our engineer to your factory to install machine and training freely.

We have service office in india,and have indian engineer in delhi and mumbai.Can support quickly.

Standard warranty is one year,during warranty,any parts need to be repaired and replaced will be free.

Pre-Consultation: provides professional SMT solutions for the full line.


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