Single Module Visual Camera Cheapest Price Pick And Place Machine

1.Single module manetic linear motor multifunctional pick and place machine 2.Mounting components:LED,capacitors,resistors,IC,shaped components,etc. 3.Application: power driver.electric board.lens.linear bulb.household appliance etc. 4.Component:min.size 0402 max.height 36 mm.
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Product Details

Single module High Quality Visual camera Cheapest Price pick and place machine

Details of the led strip machine

led bulb making machine,Mounting mode:Group to picking and separate to placing;Separate to picking and separate to placing

HT-E5S LED light manufacturing machine:Y axis and Z axis is High-end magnetic linear motor; Z axis 8 servo motor.

Electrical control and motion control card module independent research and development by ETON.

Patented technology

1. Electronic feeder feeding system: high stable,

2. Vision alignment flight identification,mark correction:high Accuracy

3. Non-stop material re-loading function:high speed

4. Auto-optimization after coordinates generated ,etc.

led bulb punching machine


Mount steps

The surface mount assembly process mainly includes the following steps: solder paste printing, component mount, and reflow soldering. The steps are summarized as follows:

Stencil Printing: solder paste is a follow-up material for the surface adhesive components and PCB to connect with each other. First, the steel plate is etched or laser cut, and then the solder paste is printed on the welding pad of PCB by the squeegee of the Printing machine, so as to enter the next step.

Component Placement: Component Placement is the key technology and work focus of the entire SMT process.

Reflow Soldering,(Reflow Soldering) : Reflow Soldering is to have been placed on the surface of adhesive components of the PCB.Reflow welding process for the surface mount of the board, the process is relatively complex, can be divided into two: one side mount, two side mount.



LED,capacitors,resistors,IC,shaped components,etc.


Power driver,electric board,lens,linear bulb,household appliance etc;street light,tube,bulbs,downlight.

After sales service

1.Maintenance period: 1 year.

2.Visit customers regularly and gather information.

3.Provide latent information about technology and equipment.


1.Payment terms: Deposit 30% in advance,the balance 70% should be paid before shipment by T/T.

2.Delivery time: 30 days after deposit.

3.Warranty: 1 year.(including spare parts)


1.What mode of transport does the goods adopt?

Our mode of transportation is very flexible.Our mode of transportation including water, land and air transportation.You can choose the most suitable way according to your requirements.

2.What is the direction of transmission of machines?

The transmission direction of this machine is single direction.From left to right or from right to left.

3.How about your operating system?

The operating system is Windows 7. The software is developed independently. It supports Chinese and English operation interface. And It has simple structure and is easy to operate.

4.What’s the terms of payment? What about the trade term?

T/T is OK. You can choose FOB Shenzhen.

5.What is the delivery date?

We will deliver the goods after 30 days' deposit.

6.What mode of transport does the goods adopt?

Our mode of transportation is very flexible.Our mode of transportation including water,

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