Pressure Processing Low Cost Pick And Place Machineled Strip Production Line

Pressure Processing Low Cost Pick And Place Machineled Strip Production Line

high hydrostatic pressure processing low cost pick and place machineled strip production line

Product Details

Single module magnetic linear motor multifunctional pick and place machine HT-E8S



Product description:

HT-E8S features 8 simultaneous pick-up heads, has been designed for ease of use, efficiency, cost effectiveness and increased expandability and compatibility. Using new, highly efficient linear servomotors, lightening and stiffening the head unit, and reviewing the placement speed of 40,000 CPH.



Product detail:



Application Area:

· LED indoor lighting lamp

· LED commercial lighting lamp

· LED landscape lighting lamp

· LED special lighting lamp

· LED road lighting lamp

· LED power drive board

· SMD circuit board



Technical parameter


Technical parameter



Total Weight


PCB Length Width

Max:1200*350mm Min:100*100mm

PCB Thickness


No.of Camera

2 sets of imported camera

Mounting Height


Mounting Speed



LED,resistor,capacitors,shaped components,etc.

No.of Feeders Station


No.of nozzles



380AC 50Hz

Power Consumption


PCB Thickness



Touch screen monitor

1) Single module Machine

2) Mounting components : LED , capacitors , resistors , IC , shaped components , etc.

3) Component:Min.size 0402 Max.height 36mm.

4) Application : Power driver . electric board . lens . linear bulb . household appliance etc.


Company Introduction:


ETON Automation Equipment Co., a professional manufacturer focusing in pick and place machine. Right now, we have integrated R&D, production and sales together.We have 8-year experience in SMT machine, with unique understanding of SMT technology, we provide long-term professional services to domestic and foreign electronic company. It always lead SMT equipment technologies and trends in domestic market. 

SMT Pick and Place Machine: It is our primate product, the working teams have always been dedicated to the research and development of SMT machine, which has become a widely recognized brand by customers.

Production solution & Parking & Transportation :

Our packing method is vacuum wooden case packing.

Supporting sea, air and land transportation.



Client & Transportation & Parking :

ETON got large market share in USA , KOREA , INDIA , GERMANY , EGYPT , TURKEY , VIETNAM , TUNISIA , THAILAND more than 20 countries.

Our packing method is vacuum wooden case packing.

Supporting sea, air and land transportation. 


For SMT factory setup,we can do for you:
1.  We provide full SMT solution for you
2.  We provide core technology with our equipments
3.  We provide the most professional tech service
4.  We have wealthy experience on SMT factory setup
5.  We can solve any question about SMT


1.How is your compay?

Our company ETON is the largest manufacturer of high speed pick and place machine.

We start from 2011,around 8 years.

In the market,around 80% of large LED factory are our client.

2.How is your service?

If you buy our machine,we will send our engineer to your factory to install machine and training freely.

3:How can you make sure we will receive the machine with high quality?

Our team will inspect each batch of machine before delivery, we have certificates of CE,Quality management certificate.

4.Who is your client?

We have exported machine to different countries,such as India,Egypt,Korea,Turkey,Brazil etc.

Such as FSL,ETI,KONKA,OPPLE,MLS are our client,In india such as RK,Surya,skyquad are our client.