Pick And Placement Machine Smt Led Pcb Making Machine

Pick And Placement Machine Smt Led Pcb Making Machine

Name:Strip light,Tube,Panel pick and place machine
Dimension:2700*2300*1550 mm
Warranty:One year
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Product Details

Pick and placement machine smt led pcb making machine


Pick and placement machine

Pick and placement machine also called smt machine, chip mounter, placement machine. It is function is using heads and picking the components, like the common led chip, ic, capacitor, etc and placement in pcb, our pick and place machine is totally automatically.


Machine features

HT-F9 is fastest led pick and place machine in China, HT-F9 is new upgrade base on the old module HT-F7,there are 68 heads and 68 feeder station, adopt group picking and group mounting, it’s speed can be reach 200000 CPH.


Machine parameter

Here are F9 parameters


From Dimension:

2700*2300*1550 mm


From PCB Sizes:

Max PCB size is 1200*330 mm

Min PCB size is 100*100 mm


From Operating system:

Windows7 system, R&D software, Touch screen monitor.


From speed:

68 feeders and 68 nozzles, 200000 cph


If you want to have much machine parameter, please sent our inquiry.


Led lighting products show

F9 apply to 1.2m tube, 0.5m or 1m strip light, normal panel light, etc. Here are some products picture show.


Related machine show

In the smt line, there are not only one pick and place machine, also other related machines, like the stencil printer, dispenser, reflow oven, etc. Here are the related machine show:

 ETON Machine

Free install and training


Someone might be want to ask will the machine is hard to using for normal workers? To be honest, our machine is really very easy to operate, usually several days for training is enough. If you buy our machine, we will sent engineer to your factory for free install and training.

Choose our machine, sent you free install and training! Contact Joy Yao:+8613590151025 (wechat and whatsapp number)

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