Pick And Place Smt Machine Led Manufacturing Machine Line

Pick And Place Smt Machine Led Manufacturing Machine Line

Name:Led making machine
Function: Mounting Led strip light,tube,panel, bulb,etc
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Pick and place SMT machine led manufacturing machine line


ETON Pick and place machine manufacturer

ETON as the manufacturer of pick and place in China, our machine with high accuracy and high speed. The fastest module F9 can be reach 200000 cph. Also very multifunctional, suitable for different products, like the led tube, led panel, strip light, display, etc.


Module F9 super highspeed machine

F9 as our fast speed machine, also is the fast smt pick and place machine in China. There are the parameter of this module.

F9 is big machine with 2.7m length, 2.3m width and 1.55m height. Total weight can be reach 1700 kg.

F9 suitable for max pc length is 1.2m, max pcb width is 0.33m. So we can produce led tube, strip light, panel light, bulb, etc.

F9 mounting mode is group picking and group mounting, so the speed is faster than others. By the way, this mount mode is our exclusive patent technology

F9 suitable for mounting LED 3014/3020/3528/5050 and resistor, capacitor, bridge rectifiers, etc.

F9 have 68 heads and 68 feeders, which is electric feeder with double motor, with higher control , more power.

 group to take mount

ETON Company Introduce

ETON is the manufacturer of led lighting making machine in China. Factory space more than 50000 square meters, workers more than 300 .

ETON company

Latest News

In the end of 2020, the raw material price will be higher, so the cost will be higher. If you want to caught this chance please contact us in time. We can provide the whole line machine for you. Welcome contact Joy Yao whatsapp number: +8613590151025

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