Pick And Place Multi Mounting Machine

Pick And Place Multi Mounting Machine

Name:Pick and place machine
Apply to : LED Bulb, Tube, DOB,Panel, driver,etc
Warranty:One year
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Pick and place multi mounting machine


LED Lighting is hot products in the lighting market, much people choose led lighting for it is much economy and save power with green products. So what is the main part of led lightings? And how to make led lighting? What is basic equipment for led lightings? Here are the answers!


For led lighting, usually consist of led lighting board, the plastic shell, the driver board, the power cable. Different material need different machines. Usually for the new manufacturer will choose making led lighting board by themselves and buy the plastic shell and the driver board, the power cable as the raw material. Because the lighting board is the most important for the lighting. So for the led lighting, what kind of machines need to buy for making ?


SMT Machine

SMT mean: Surface mounting technology. It is the hot technology in these years. We can using many products will using smt line. Like the led lighting, phone, driver board, display, household appliance, computer, etc. For led lighting board, it is retail price is lower, so the machine must be high economy with high capacity.

ETON Machine is higher capacity with making led lighting. Here show the smt line design.


Features of ETON RT-1 Machines

l  Much multifunctional, support for making all kinds of led lighting and electrical board

l  Magnetic linear motor, multifunctional pick and place machine

l  Vision alignment flight identification, mark correction.

RT-1 Multifunctional machine

RT-1 is one of our multifunctional machine, it is suitable for making many kind of led lightings and electrical board.It is 10 heads,35000cph pick and place machine, here is the finished product show:


LED Driver

There are two common driving methods: one is a constant voltage source for multiple constant current sources, and each constant current source individually supplies power to each LED. In this way, the combination is flexible, and the failure of one LED will not affect the work of other LEDs, but the cost will be slightly higher. 

The other is direct constant current power supply, with LEDs running in series or parallel. Its advantage is that the cost is a little lower, but the flexibility is poor, and it must solve the problem of a certain LED failure that will affect the operation of other LEDs.

 These two forms coexist for a period of time. Multi-channel constant current output power supply mode will be better in terms of cost and performance. Maybe it will be the mainstream direction in the future.

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