Pick And Place Machine For Automatic Producing

Pick And Place Machine For Automatic Producing

Machine application: LED bulb, panel, tube, strip light, lens, display,etc
Machine speed:45000 CPH
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Whole SMT line machines for automatic producing

Parameter of pick and place machine

Pick and place machine as the main technology in the SMT line, also the most important machine in the whole line. ETON as the pick and place machine manufacturer, We reach and develop machine by ourselves . Here is one module of ETON pick and place machine----HT-E8S-1200. 

HT-E8S-1200 is very multifunctional machine, it apply to led bulb, tube light, panel light, display, strip light, and electrical board, etc. Here are the main parameter of this module:

Pick and place machine module:  HT-E8S-1200

Machine mounting speed : 45000 CPH(CHIP PER HOUR)

Machine Dimension:  2550*1650*1550 MM

PCB Length Width  Max:1200*500 mm Min:100*100 mm

Mounting Mode: Group picking and separate placing, separate picking and separate placing

Power :380 AC 50HZ

Power Consumption : 4 KW

X,Y,Z Axis Drive way:  High-end magnetic linear motor+ servo motor

Parameter of conveyor machine

For 1.2m tube we recommend for 1.4m conveyor, for 1m strip light, we recommend for 1.2m conveyor. Here are the conveyor parameter:

Conveyor module: ET-C1400

Rail length: 1400 mm

Width adjustment range :50-390 mm

Transmission: 7 MM flat belt conveyor

Control:  Industrial control panel

Parameter of stencil printer machine

Stencil printer function is print the solder paste on the PCB, it can be automatic or semiautomatic, but automatic stencil printer is much expensive than semiautomatic stencil printer, here are the semiautomatic stencil printer parameters:

Semiautomatic printer module: ET-S1200

Printing Area : 1200*250 mm

Plate Area :1250*300 mm

Stencil Frame Size : 470*370 mm-1300*550 mm (L*W)

Power Consumption :120 W

Parameter of Reflow oven machine

Reflow oven machine function is by solder paste is heated and then cooled to fix it to the circuit board. We support different size of reflow oven machine, here are the main parameter of eight reflow oven machine:

Reflow oven module: ET-R8

Dimension: 4800*1200*1450 mm

Weight; 1400 kg

Number district heating: 16

Heating zone length 3000 mm

Number cooling zones :2

Whole SMT line

We provide whole SMT line machines, for much detail, please contact us.

smt machines for lighting

After sales service

We provide free service and one year warranty, much details please contact us : Whatsapp or Wechat number: +8613590151025

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