Pcb Separator Machine Board Mounts Manufacturing

Pcb Separator Machine Board Mounts Manufacturing

pcb separator machine board mounts manufacturing machine lens making machine

Product Details

                                  High-speed mounter for flexible strip(Unlimited length)




1) Producing with 2~4 types of materials with high capacity.available for 5M,50M or any length of Flexible strip and Roll to Roll.

2) Two module,15 nozzles for each mounting part,part A or part B can be mounted separately or synchronously.

3) Calibration automatically ,high precision,available for RGB.


Technical parameter



Total Weight


PCB length width

250mm*any length

Mounting Precision

±0.02mm ,Vision alignment,

                   Mark vision

Mounting speed

10000~150000 CPH


LED3014/30203528/5050 and resistor,capacitors,bridge rectifiers

power/power consumption

220AC,50Hz/  5kw

No.of Feeders Station


No.of nozzles


Mounting Height


Conveyor Transmission

Belt drive



1. This is a high-speed winder ht-t7 with 30 heads. The speed is very fast, about 100,000 ~ 150,000 CPH

2. Suitable for pipe, panel, flexible strip, linear lamp, etc., suitable for 5 meters, 50 meters or any length of flexible strip and roll to roll.

3. It will improve your productivity, save labor, space, electricity and so on.2.It is very suitable for tube,panel,flexible strip,linear light etc.available for 5M,50M or any length of Flexible strip and Roll to Roll.

3.It will improve your production efficiency,save labor,space,power etc.



Company Introduction:                                                          


ShenZhen ETON Automation Equipment Co.,LTD.is a leading manufacturer of automatic high-speed pick and place machine.In 2009, the first machine ET-12 and ET-51 series began selling,for LED group mounting.In2009,won 4 invention and utility model patents.




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Successful Experien:

1) Eton's customer in 25 countries around the world Training more than

2) 300 experts and technician for customers.

3) Became the most reliable Chinese partner for you.


Packing Method:
Vacuum wooden package
Shipping Way:
By air;
By sea, for large package and quantity;
Other ways as customer requested. 
Delivery Time: 
15~30 Days

Our service:

1. Quick response within 24 hours;
2. Offer free spare parts and service within one year of warranty .

3. Technology Support :We will send our engineer to your factory to install machine and training freely ; Provide Demo operation video for training show you the operation .
4. Good and professional after-sales service.

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