Pcb Printing Machine Led Bulb Making Machine

Apply to the 0.6m,0.9m,1.2m LED rigid PCB and 0.5m,1m flexible strip. 17 nozzles for each mounting module,part A or B can be mounted separately synchronously. Exclusive patent technology:group to pick and group to mount
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Excellent service economic Automatic Vision pcb printing machine led bulb making machine

HT-XF Dual-purpose LED professional high speed pick and place machine, XYZ axis controlled by imported panasonic servo motor, wear resistance and deformation, high stability; Transmission direction from left to right, from right to left, direction adjustment without moving the machine; Apply to the 0.6m,0.9m,1.2m LED rigid PCB and 0.5m,1m flexible strip; PCB board adopts pneumatic fixing method of adjustable pressure, which makes mounting more accurate and stable, and reduces material throwing. 34 feeder station, 34 mounting heads, faster , higher productivity.

Performance introduction

Visual system

5 sets of imported camera

Vision alignment ,mark correction

The imported camera can accurately identify the exact position of PCB board and the position of components and board. The overlooking camera searches for the target on the circuit board (as a benchmark) in order to place the circuit board in the correct position before assembly, and the overlooking camera is used to detect elements in the fixed position.Maximize Time Saving and Improve Production Efficiency

The products to be mounted can cover the whole platform and realize the cycle production.

The camera is installed between the pickup position and the installation position. The acquisition and processing of the video can be carried out simultaneously during the movement of the installation head to shorten the installation time.

High Speed and High Precision

This special Mounter has a speed of 150000~170000 CPH.Can save space, labor costs, management costs

No. Of feeder station:34PCS nozzles:34PCS

It has a set of vision recognition system, which can process the absorbed components into the required mounting angle through image recognition, and realize high precision mounting, with an accuracy of 0.02mm.



1.Payment terms: Deposit 30% in advance,the balance 70% should be paid before shipment by T/T.

2.Delivery time: 30 days after deposit.

3.Warranty: 1 year.(including spare parts)

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