PCB Pick And Place Machien For Strip And Panel Light

PCB Pick And Place Machien For Strip And Panel Light

Application:Led lightings and electrical board
Warranty:1 year
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Product Details

SMD Machines for led lighting


Materials for making flexible light bars:

Main production materials

1. FPC circuit board

2. SMD LED lamp beads

3. Chip resistors

4. Waterproof treatment (divided into PU polyurethane and ordinary epoxy resin)


There are four types of waterproof treatments for SMD soft light strips:

1. surface glue

2. Waterproof casing

3 Solid waterproof (U-shaped groove + resin)

4 Glue-filled waterproof (casing + resin)



Production accessories: solder paste

Production equipment:

1. Solder paste mixer

2. Solder Paste Printer

3. SMT placement machine

4. Reflow soldering machine

5. Glue filling machine


SMT Placement machine

F9 is one of smt machine, it’s function is pick the components and then mount on the pcb. We can say it is the most important machine in the smt line. Here is the parameter and some pictures of this module.

Dimension: 2.7*2.3*1.55 meters

PCB: Suitable for max pcb size is 1200*330 mm, min size :100*100mm

Mounting mode: Group to take and group to mount

Components: Suitable for mounting LED 3014/3528/3020/5050 and resistor, capacitors, bridge rectifiers.

No. of nozzles: 68 pcs

No. of feeders station: 68 pcs

Feeding way: Electrical feeder with double motor


SMT Whole line

ETON provides the whole smt line machines for you with best price and quality.

 5m strip light Factory


ETON SMT Machines is easy operate , and we also will sent engineer to your factory for free install and training.


Joy whatsapp :+8613590151025

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