Manufaturing Assembly Facial Led Light Therapy Machine

Manufaturing Assembly Facial Led Light Therapy Machine

1.HT-XF Dual-purpose LED professional high speed pick and place machine, 2.led therapy machine XYZ axis controlled by imported panasonic servo motor, wear resistance and deformation, high stability; 3.led light machine Transmission direction from left to right, from right to left, direction adjustment without moving the machine;
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Product Details

PCB manufaturing assembly High Efficiency Full-automatic facial led light making machine

HT-XF is a special led bulb making machine for mounting hard and soft strips,mounting components about LED 3014/3020/3528/5050 and resistors,capacitors ,bridge rectifiers.Dual purpose professional high speed mounter ,the capacity reach 170000CPH. 17 nozzles for each mounting module part A or B can be mounted separately or synchronously.

Performance introduction

High Speed and High Precision

This special led light machine has a speed of 150000~170000 CPH.Can save space, labor costs, management costs

No. Of feeder station:34PCS nozzles:34PCS

Good durability

led bulb manufacturing machine Using High Stability Electronic Dual Motor

led bulb machine The wear resistance of screw rod is not easy to deviate and has high accuracy.

led making machine The guide rail has strong bearing capacity and high stability.

led light machine with High-quality hardware configuration for 24-hour machine operation.

LED light machine


1.Filming packing:Make the machine sanitary, clean, sealed packaging, dust and humidity; have good shock resistance, impact resistance, and good protection performance with tightness and fixity.

2.vacuum packing:Advantages of moistureproof, dustproof and so on

3.wooden packing:It has good cushioning performance, corrosion resistance, high strength and hygroscopicity, moisture-proof and earthquake-resistant functions.


1,What’s the terms of payment? What about the trade term?

T/T is OK. You can choose FOB Shenzhen.

2,What is the maximum height of components that can be mounted on a machine?

The height of the mounting component can reach 36 mm, and the minimum mounting component can be 0402.

3,What is the length of the playable PCB?

Max:330*1200mm min:90*120mm

4,Is this machine difficult to operate?

No, not at all. For our previous clients, at most 5 days is enough to learn to operate the machines.

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