PCB Board SMT Machine

PCB Board SMT Machine

Technical parameter: Application: 1.Suitable for many components, such as led 3014/3020/3528/5050 and resistor, capacitors, bridge rectifiers,etc. 2 . Suitable for Suitable for producing a variety of LED lights, such as Tube/ Flexible strip/ Panel light FEATURES : Pictures of HT-XF As the...

Product Details

Technical parameter:

Technical parameter

Control system

Industrial computer control computer + motion control card control

Alignment mechanism

Vision alignment + Mark correction

Mounting Mode

Group to take and group to pick

Max PCB length Width

1200*330 mm

Min PCB length Width

90*120 mm



1-1 of XF 1-4 


1.Suitable for many components, such as led 3014/3020/3528/5050 and resistor, capacitors, bridge rectifiers,etc.

2.Suitable for Suitable for producing a variety of LED lights, such as Tube/ Flexible strip/ Panel light



PCB board SMT machine, produce panel light & tube

a) High mounting speed ------150000-170000 CPH

b) Exclusive patent technology: Group to pick and group to mount.

c) Two mounting modules, each mounting module has 17 nozzles, they can be mounted separately or synchronously.


Pictures of HT-XF



As the picture shows, the display is led monitor, input device is keyboard and mouse. Also, the operating system is Windows 7 and the software is R&D independently.

The picture below is a display of the placement module, you can see, there are two modules, each mounting module is 17 heads. It promise the high capacity. Very good performance.



1. Machine operators should be trained in the operation of the correct method.

2.Strictly forbidden those who have not received training to operate on the machine.

3. Safety is first.The machine operator should operate the machine strictly according to the operating specifications, otherwise the machine may be damaged or endangered.

4.Turn off the power when checking the machine, replacing parts or repairs and internal adjustments (the machine must be serviced with the emergency button or power off).

5. It is necessary to conduct regular troubleshooting and maintenance work on the Pick and Place machine in a timely manner.


Packing and delivery:


Shipping or customer's request


Wooden box with Vacuum packaging

Arrival Time:

After 4 weeks after payment

Company :

Automation Equipment Co. LTD ( ETON) is the largest of pick and place machine. a leading manufacturer of automatic high-speed pick and place machine focusing on “High efficiency Low consumption” in the word.

ETON advanced technology and innovation drives the revolution of market rapidly, and obtains a number of intellectual property technologies, including 9 invention patents,12 software copyrights, moreover, ETON has invented the fastest automatic pick and place machine with speed 170000CPH, which save much labors and space of production, got large market share in USA,KOREA,INDIA,GERMANY,EYPT,TURKEY,VIENAM,TUNISIA,THAILAND more than 20 countries.

After sales service

1.Warranty: our standard warranty is one year.

2.Free on-site installation and commissioning

3.Software and hardware lifetime maintenance

4.Specialized after-sales service department


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