Panel Light Pick And Place Machine

RT-1 Pick and place machine in smt line smt line for produce DOB,Bulb,Panel,etc

Product Details

RT-1 Pick and place machine in smt line


RT-1 pick and place machine


RT-1 pick and place machine is our new multifunctional model in smt line for produce many kind of products

The length is 1.104m, width is 1.584m, height is 1.655m,total weight 950 kg.

Using windows 7 system and R&D independently software . Touch screen monitor.


What kind of products suitable for mounting with RT-1


RT-1 pick and place machine suitable for mounting LED bulb, DOB, lens, display, tube, panel, flexible strip, power driver,downlight,and so on.


What should prepare for smt line


For SMT line, there need to be prepared all smt line machine, include conveyor, stencil printer, pick and place machine, reflow oven.

For the material, there need to be prepared solder paste, stencil, components(like led, capacitor, resistor, ic,etc), PCB, and so on.

 Bulb pick and place

Advantages and disadvantages of arch mounter


In this form, the speed of the placement head is limited due to the long distance traveled back and forth. Generally, multiple vacuum suction nozzles are used to pick up at the same time (up to ten) and a double beam system is used to increase the speed, that is, the pick-up head on one beam is picking up at the same time, and the pick-up head on the other beam places components , The speed is almost twice as fast as the single beam system. However, in practical applications, the conditions for simultaneous feeding are difficult to achieve, and different types of components need to be replaced with different vacuum suction nozzles, and there is a time delay in changing the suction nozzles.

The advantages of this type of machine are: simple system structure, high precision, suitable for components of various sizes and shapes, and even shaped components. It is suitable for small and medium batch production, and it can also be combined with multiple machines for large batch production.

Led and electrical board

 How can I buy these products


SHENZHEN ETON AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD is the manufacturer of smt machines, can provide all kind of these products with good quality. Set up in 2009 , with ccc, ce,sira, exported more than 20 countries, Set office in India and Turkey. Provide free install and training.


Contact Joy whatsup/wechat/skype/tel:+8613590151025

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