Multifunctional Mounter Machine HT-E8d,Your Best Choice

Multifunctional Mounter Machine HT-E8d,Your Best Choice

Pick and Placement, HT-E8d, Double module multifunctional high speed mounter;double-module magnetic linear motor multifunctional pick and place machine
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Product Details

1. Product details


HT-E8D machine is Dual system,dual module multifunctional mounter with high capacity of 80000CPH. It can mount capacitors,resistors,LED3014/3020/3528/5050,IC and shaped components. It applies to power driver,electric board,lens,linear bulb,household appliance and etc.

technical parameter


2. Product features

Ø XYZ drive way is high-end magnetic linear motor+servo motor.

Ø Install 4 camera and adopt vision for the flight identification, mark correction.

Ø PCB clamping is electric clamping+adjustable pressure pneumatic.

Ø Vision for the flight identification ,mark correction.

Ø Electronic feeder feeding system.

Ø Non-stop material re-loading function.

Ø Auto-optimization after coordinates generated.

3. Product parts

² Saline shaft from korea

² Mark camera from HK vision

² Grating scale from Renishaw,UK

² Guideway from IKO Japan

² Pneumatic components from SMC Japan

² Sensor from Beckhoff Germany

² Drag chain from IGUS Germany

HT-E8D 部件图

4. Packing & shipping

Packing details: vacuum packing and wooden case

Shipping:  Shenzhen port within 30 days after payment

Port:  Shenzhen


5. Company profile


6. pick and place machine  Certifications


7. FAQ

1) Do you have oversea after sale service?

We have set up an overseas office in India.We can offer technical support abroad. If you have any technical problem, our engineers will support you promptly.

2)How is the training?

You can send your engineers to our workshop to study, or we can send our engineers to your workshop for guidance. We guarantee that the training will not be completed until your operators are fully trained.

3)   It’s hard to use the machine?

No, not at all. Touch screen display, English operation interface. Generally training about five days can be skilled in the operation of the machine.

4)   Does your machines have quality certificates?

We are high-tech enterprise with CE,SIRA,CCC .

5)How about the warranty?

We guarantee it for one year free of charge. Software updates are free for life.

8.Knowledge of mounter industry

Features of Multifunctional Placement Machine

1)  Multi-function placement machine can mount high-precision large, special-shaped components, generally can also mount small flake components, can cover almost all components range, so called multi-function placement machine.

2)  The structure of multi-function placement machine mostly adopts arch frame structure, which has the characteristics of high precision and good flexibility.

3)  The multi-function placement machine mostly uses the circuit board fixed type, uses the mount head movement to realize the X and the y localization, will not cause the large or the heavier component to shift because of the inertia because of the table surface movement.

4)  Multi-function patch can accept all material packing methods, such as reel, tube, box and tray. In addition, when more disk material, can be added multi-layer special tray feeder.

5)  In addition to the traditional vacuum suction nozzle, the multi-function placement machine can use a special suction nozzle for the components which are difficult to absorb by special shape. In addition, pneumatic claw can be used for the components which are absorbed by vacuum suction nozzle.

6) The multi-function placement machine components generally use the upper view camera when correcting, which has the functions of front light, side light, backlight and online light, and can identify different components. If the size of the component is too large to exceed the camera's individual image (FOV), the upper camera can also be analyzed and corrected by multiple post-image synthesis. Some multi-function mounting machine mount head also equipped with mount head moving camera, can identify smaller non-carrying components.

7) Compared with the high-speed mounting machine, some high-speed mounting machines can reach 5~10 times faster than the multi-function machine can mount the same components. Therefore, in medium and large-scale production, generally according to the characteristics of the product will be reasonable configuration, so that the efficiency of each equipment is close to high.

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