Multifunctional Mounter Machine HT-E8d,Adopt The Latest Technology

Multifunctional Mounter Machine HT-E8d,Adopt The Latest Technology

HT-E8D machine is Dual system,dual module multifunctional mounter with high capacity of 80000CPH. It can mount capacitors,resistors,LED3014/3020/3528/5050,IC and shaped components. It applies to power driver,electric board,lens,linear bulb,household appliance and etc.
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Product Details

double-module magnetic linear motor multifunctional pick and place machine


           Price:  $ 80000/unit

Customization:  According to customer needs.

Business terms:

Accepted delivery terms


Accepted payment currency


Accepted payment type

L/C, T/T

Nearest port


1. Product details

SMT mounter ht-e8d technical parameter


2. pick and place machine ht-e8d product features

Ø XYZ drive way is high-end magnetic linear motor+servo motor.

Ø Install 4 camera and adopt vision for the flight identification, mark correction.

Ø PCB clamping is electric clamping+adjustable pressure pneumatic.

Ø Vision for the flight identification ,mark correction.

Ø Electronic feeder feeding system.

Ø Non-stop material re-loading function.

       Auto-optimization after coordinates generated

3.SMT mounter ht-e8d product parts 

HT-E8D 部件图

 4.pick and place machine ht-e8d  packing and transportation

We usually use waterproof material to pack our products in wooden cases. If the customer has special packing requirements, we can negotiate and conclude a contract. Partial shipments and transshipment are subject to the contract.

We usually ship within 30 days of receipt of payment.

We guarantee that the packing is handled with care.

Our packing materials are of high quality.

We will make perfect packaging for the mounter.


5.Our services:

Before buying our machine:

We have a professional sales manager to provide you with professional advice and services.

We provide 24-hour online service to solve your problem quickly.

We will specify the production plan for you according to your budget.

After buying our machine:

1 year free warranty.

Visit customers regularly and gather information.

Provide latest information about technology and equipment.

Software updates are free for life.

6. Knowledge of mounter industry

SMT Placement Machine Operation Flow

 Check before SMT placement machine starts

(1)  Check air pressure, rated voltage is normal;

(2)  Check the equipment for impurities, foreign bodies;

(3)  Check Fida for abnormal placement;

(4)  Check the suction nozzle configuration status is abnormal;

(5)  Check that the safety guard is abnormal;

(6)  Check whether there are unsafe safety hazards around the equipment.

 SMT the main switch of the placement machine

(1)  Turn on the voltage stabilizer switch;

(2)  Turn on the air pressure switch;

(3)  Rotate the main switch on the front of the equipment clockwise;

(4)  According to the material configuration list, check the material tray specification, model, installation position is correct.

 MMI initialization of SMT placement machine

 Execute MMI, program to initialize automatically and check the status of each module of the device.

 Electric power supply for SMT mounting machine

 press the READY" button.

 Carry out a regression origin action on the SMT placement machine

 on the teaching box or MMI screen click Home" key to return to the origin.

 Warmer process SMT mounting machine (Warming-Up)

 In order to improve the precision of the mount, the heater is operated about 10 minutes before the start of the operation.

 PCB file download/business confirmation

(1)  open the PCB file to be done and download it;

(2)  Before starting the operation, check the original operation status and confirm the production target.

 SMT mounting machine material and component confirmation

(1)  Install feeder and suction nozzle as required PCB operation;

(2)  After mastering the remaining amount of the original device of the feeder, order the components that may be exhausted in advance.

 Set up SMT placement machine transfer track and thimble (Backup Pin)

(1)  Carry out transfer track width adjustment operation, set PCB fixed mode;

(2)  Configure the thimble in place to support PCB underside.

 X. Check Location and Instruction

(1)  Check PCB origin;

(2)  Check PCB reference mark position;

(3)  (b) Examination of adsorption sites (Pickup Point);

(4)  Check the stickers.

 PCB produced SMT placement machines

Choose the MMI Production menu;

(1)  Input production target quantity on > column of < production plan;

(2)  press the "START" key of the operation panel.

 SMT inspection items in the production of placement machines

(1)  Check the surplus of components of the feeder;

(2)  Check the matching of components (2 hours for cycle);

(3)  Plastic belt removal and cleaning of feeder;

(4)  Pickup poor feeder monitoring.

 Corresponding and changing operation in SMT placement machine production

(1)  After production, select "finish" submenu to complete production;

(2)  If other PCB, need to be produced, prepare for the change.

 SMT power off and equipment cleaning completed

(1)  Click RESET";

(2)  Click the EXIT" icon;

(3)  Turn off the main switch (rotating counterclockwise);

(4)  Turn off the voltage stabilizer switch;

(5) Organize and clean the surrounding environment of the workplace.

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