Multi-color LED Display Machine

Multi-color LED Display Machine

P2-P20 LED Didplay smt machine, suitbale for indoor and outdoor dispaly .
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Multi-color LED display machine


These three display are very different from the manufacturing. But for the green future , the LED display is more and more popular now, especially in outdoor , it is widely using. For the Billboards, lights, etc.




Broadly speaking, the large screens, televisions, BSV LCD spliced phosphor screens, mobile phones, and fast translation screens that can be seen everywhere on the street are all considered to be in the category of displays, generally referring to display devices connected to a computer host

For Led display, there need to prepared the machine Mounter also called pick and place machine.

ETON machine is suitable for making all kinds of led display from indoor to outdoor series. There recommend the module HT-E8S


The speed can be reach 40000 cph. It is ten nozzles and 32 feeders. Not only for mounting led chip, but also can mounting the driver, using one machine, can produce many kind of producet.


Multifunctional smt machine


Its application is very wide, ranging from satellite monitoring to viewing VCD. It can be said that in modern society, its figure is everywhere. Its structure is generally a round base and a body. With the continuous development of color display technology, Some displays of other shapes have appeared, but not many applications.

HT-E8S is not only led display machine, but also suitable for making led strip , panel, bulb, dob, driver, tube, downlight, electrical board, etc.


More choose about pick and place machine


ETON is the manufacturer of pick and place machine in China. We have many kind of modules with different speed, the max can be reach 200000 cph, if you are interested in more highspeed machine, please contact us.

Feeder type

The packaging method of surface mount components has become an important link in the SMT system. It directly affects the efficiency of assembly production. It must be optimized in combination with the type and number of feeders of the placement machine. There are four main types of packaging for surface mount components, namely, braid, tube, tray and bulk. For mass production, it is recommended to choose the braid packaging form; for low-volume or prototype production, it is recommended to choose tube packaging; bulk packaging is rarely used, because bulk packaging must be picked up one by one or requires assembly equipment to repackage.

ETON Machine suitbale for Sideband material and pallet material



  1. Are you the manufacturer of led display machine?

A: Yes, We are the manufcturer from China, we have our strong technology team.

 2.Can this module suitable for mounting driver ?

A:Yes, it is very multifunctional.

3.How about the size of led display?

A: HT-E8S suitable for outdoor and indoor led display.

4.Do you have client in Turkey?

A:Yes, we have exported more than 20 countries.

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