Medium Speed Lamp Pick And Place Machine

Module RT-1 is our new machine for many kind of products, like the DOB Bulb, Tube, Electrical board, etc Pick and place machine function is mounting components and mounting on PCB board Apply to different smt production line for Automatic machine
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ETON  SMT pick and place machine


ETON smt pick and place machine is very multifunction and high speed. Suitable for mounting LED, capacitor, resistors, ic, shaped components, etc. The highest speed can be reach 200000 cph.

As a high-tech company with CCC, CE, SIRA, ETON company provide all SMT machine also support free install and training.


RT-1 Multifunction pick and place machine


RT-1 is SHENZHEN ETON AUTOMATION CO.,LTD new module. As the multifunctional machine, it is suitable for mounting many kind of components, like the led, capacitor, resistor, IC, shaped components,etc. The max size can be 20 mm, the min size is 0402.

The capacity can be reach 40000 ch

The number of feeder station is 32 pcs

The number of nozzles is 10 pcs

DOB Bulb machine


High-precision printing, the first pass in SMT production


SMT printing is the first process of the surface mount production line. The quality of the SMT printing has a very significant impact on the pass rate of SMT products. An important factor that affects the printing quality of solder paste is the accuracy of the motion control of various parts of the printing press. At present, the production of SMT products is developing toward high output rates and "zero defects". High-speed operation, which puts high requirements on the speed, stability and reliability of its motion control system. The innovative technologies of the majority of printing and assembly manufacturers are constantly challenging the limits of quality and production efficiency.


With the miniaturization and high functionality of various electronic devices, the requirements for high-density and complexity in the mounting form are higher than now, especially for the mounting of SMD and semiconductor mixed mounting. increase. In order to promote the reduction of production costs and shorten the delivery time, Shenzhen ETON Equipment Co., Ltd. has developed a brand new automated placement machine that can meet the diverse needs of different customers.

 DOB Bulb machine

High quality and green counterparts, SMT reflow soldering pays more attention to energy saving and environmental protection


SMT reflow soldering is a soldering method that re-melts the pre-placed solder surface and no additional solder is added during the soldering process. After heating the air or nitrogen to a sufficiently high temperature through the heating circuit inside the device Blowing to the circuit board where the component has been attached, allowing the solder on both sides of the component to melt and adhere to the motherboard, has become the mainstream process of SMT. Most of the components on the board are soldered to the circuit board through this process


Manufacturer service:


ETON highly value after-sales service:

1.ETON will provide one year warranty,during warranty, any parts need to be repaird and changed will be free.

2.ETON will sent our engineer to your factory to install and training, in freely.

3.ETON have a special overseas sales department, can support quickly.

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