Low Cost High Speed New Electric Pick And Place Machine

Dual system, dual module multi-functional mounter. To produce two different products at same time. Mounting components:LED,capacitors,resistors,IC,shaped components,etc.

Product Details


Low Cost High Speed New Electric Pick and Place Machine




① Dual system, dual module multifunctional mounter. To produce two different products at same time.

② Mounting components: LED, capacitors, resistors,IC, shaped components, etc.

③ component:Min.size 0402 Max height 36mm

④ Application: Power driver, electric board,lens, linear bulb, household appliance etc.


Technical parameter 




Total Weight


PCB Length Width

Max:500*300mm Min:100*100mm

PCB Thickness


PCB Clamping

Electric clamping+Adjustable pressure pneumatic

No.of Camera

4 sets of imported camera

Mounting Height

<36mm(Automatic Changing)

Mounting Speed



LED,resistor,capacitors,shaped components,etc.

No.of Feeders Station


No.of nozzles



380AC 50Hz

Power Consumption


X,Y,Z Axis Drive way

High-end magnetic linear motor+servo motor


Touch screen monitor




Unpacking acceptance of the machine at the factory

After the equipment arrives at the factory, it is necessary to carry out the open box acceptance, which includes the following aspects.

① Technical data: complete random data, including operation manual, wiring diagram, parts list, SC program table and maintenance manual, etc. There should also be a "machine mounting performance table" in the technical data. This is the manufacturer's data test on the machine according to the ipc9850 standard, and fill the data in the ipc9850-f1 table for the user.

② Appearance inspection: the equipment has no obvious damage, rust and paint peeling off.

③ Inventory of attached accessories, spare parts and tools: the physical objects shall be consistent with the random list and contract list.

④ Fill in the "equipment unpacking acceptance sheet" and sign by both parties.



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