Lens Mounter Machine

Lens Mounter Machine

Name:Pick and place machine
Function:Mounting Led,capacitor,resistor,ic,shaped components, lens,etc
Products:Led lighting and electrical board
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Product Details

Dual system, dual module lens mounter machine


LED LENS mounter machine


Led lens mounter machine is specially mean smt pick and place machine, the function of this machine is pick lens and then mount on the pcb.


For mounting lens, HT-E8D module is professional.


There are HT-E8D-1200 machine parameter




3150*2900*1900 mm

PCB Length Width

Max:1200*300 mm, Min : 100*100 mm

Mounting mode

Group picking and group mounting


R&D independently

No. of camera

2 sets, vision for the flight identification, mark correction

Mounting precision

± 0.04 mm

Mounting height

<15 mm

X,Y,Z axis drive way

High-end magnetic linear motor+ servo motor

LENS production line

Above picture show, there are some machines in lens line: Dispenser machine, conveyor, pick and place machine, reflow oven.

led smt line design

Features of HT-E8D

1. There are two modules and two system, high capacity, the speed reach 80000 cph.

2. Suitable for mounting many kind of products, like the lens, panel, tube, strip light, bulb, driver, etc.

3. Max pcb is 1.2 m, so it suitable max length is 1.2m.

4. Import camera for high accuracy, vision alignment flight identification function.

Service we can provide

We can provide fellow after sells service:

1. Standard warranty----One year.

2. Include free install and training

3. Free upgrade

4. Visit clients regular

What we sell ?

Eton as the manufacturer of smt machines, we sell whole smt line machines but not include the raw material like the led chip, pcb, lighting, only sell machines. Here are the machine list

1. High speed pick and place machine/ mounter

2. Multifunctional pick and place machine/ mounter

3. Stencil printer

4. Reflow oven

5. Conveyor

6. Loader

7. Un-loader

smt machines for lighting

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