Led Production Line Smd Dob Pick And Place Machine

Led Production Line Smd Dob Pick And Place Machine

High-speed magnetic linear motor multi-functional pick and place machine, single module, 8 head pasted on the 8 suction nozzles discharge at the same time, the flying camera component identification, maximize placement rate, maximum patch speed 40000 CPH.
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Product Details

led production line smd dob pick and place machine

Product details

pick and place machine To meet the production capacity is low, but need to mount tubes of single module group customer design magnetic linear motor multifunctional pick and place machine multifunctional high-speed placement machine, can satisfy a variety of production requirements, cost savings and can meet the production requirements, use the linear motor, improve wear resistance, stability and precision machines and guide the bidirectional transmission, convenient adjustment of production space, adopt touch display, convenient and quick.

led light bulbs making machine Scope of application
Lamps and lanterns: fluorescent lamp, bulb lamp, ceiling light, panel light, cast light lamp, mining lamp, down light, etc
Lighting: soft light tube, hard tube, advertising module, etc
Pasting class: LED watch pasting

led bulb manufacturing machine

Company information
Shenzhen Eton Automation Equipment co., LTD. is a professional manufacturer of pick and place machine. Our company independently research, development, design and manufacturer a set of high -speed good quality SMT pick and place machine. And we received a number of patents issued by the state certificate and support. Nowadays, we have served many factories and enjoyed good reputation.

Honour show
ETON advanced technology and innovation drives the revolution of market rapidly ,and obtains a number of intellectual property technologies.
Including 9 invention patents,112practical patents,12 software copyrights.

Logistics and delivery
Our mode of transportation including water, land and air transportation.You can choose the most suitable way according to your requirements.
Our packing is made of wooden box with vacuum package, and we promise to deliver the goods within four weeks after payment.

1.How many cameras does the machine have?
There are two sets of imported cameras.Using exclusive patent technology:vision for the flight identification,Mark correction.
2.What is the direction of transmission of machines?
The transmission direction of this machine is both direction.
3. What kind of driving mode does the XYZ axis adopt?
X axis is magnetic liner motor,Y axis and Z axis is servo motor,very good performance and high accuracy.
4. What is the mounting mode?
Group to picking and separate to placing,Separate to picking and separate to placing.
5.Is your software interface in English?
English interface and Chinese interface are both available.

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