Smt Pick And Place Machine For Electric Products

Automatic mounting and picking machine For different products,like Bulb, Display, IC, Electrical board, Power driver, DOB, Tube, Panel light,etc.
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ETON SMT Machine


As a high-tech company with CCC, CE, SIRA, ETON company provide all SMT machine also support free install and training.

SMT equipment is mainly used for SMT processing. Common SMT equipment and functions are as follows:


Upper board machine:


PCB is placed in Rack to automatically send the board to the suction board machine.


Suction plate machine:


Automatically absorb the PCB and place it on the track, and transfer it to the printing machine.


Printing machine:


Print the solder paste or red glue on the laser steel steel on the printed PCB.


Docking station:


 A device that transfers PCB boards.


Reflow Oven:


Use the temperature of SMT solder paste or red glue to set an appropriate temperature curve to complete the soldering action between solder paste and parts.

 RT-1 600 Automatic smt line



Through the transmission track, the board is collected in the magzine.


RT-1 pick and place machine


RT-1 is SHENZHEN ETON AUTOMATION CO.,LTD new module. It is very multifunctional ,suitable for mounting many kind of components, like the led, capacitor, resistor, IC, shaped components,etc. The max size can be 20 mm, the min size is 0402.


RT-1 apply to many kind of products, like the LED bulb, led display, led tube, panel light,driver board, etc.


The future of electronic products


Electronic products are showing a trend of miniaturization and multifunctionalization, especially the market of consumer electronic products represented by mobile phones and MP3s has shown explosive growth, further driving the miniaturization of surface mount components and the high assembly of products Density, small and fine pitch devices such as 0201 components, CSP, flipchip, etc. have also entered the practical application of SMT, which has greatly improved the application level of SMT technology and also increased the difficulty of the process.

 smt factory

The main reason for the production of tin beads in the SMT process: PCB


Poor PAD design, poor steel plate opening design, excessive depth or pressure of the component, excessive slope of the profile curve rise, solder paste collapse, and solder paste viscosity is too low.


Service from ETON company


ETON company have service office in India and Turkey, we provide one year warranty and free install and training.

Besides, about software upgrade,we support free lifetime maintenance.

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