LED Lens Pick And Place Machine

LED Lens Pick And Place Machine

Machine:Lens making machine
Apply to:lens,panel,bulb,tube,strip,street light,etc
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Product Details

LED lens pick and place machine


LENS lighting advantage

1. Using a lens composed of a bidirectional curvature surface can distribute light output more freely according to design requirements, use light flux more efficiently, and reduce unnecessary waste and glare.

2. In addition, because of the smooth transition of the curved surface, the lamp has a uniform transition of light distribution and a good appearance. A completely transparent PMMA lamp or lampshade will cause dazzling or dazzling string light in the center of the light source, but the brightness at the periphery of the light source decreases rapidly.

3. The lighting of many social occasions and work environments must eliminate this unpleasant atmosphere or minimize the light sources that cause eye discomfort.


Machine parameter

For making lens panel light, we need to use led lighting making machine, also called pick and place machine, mounter,etc.

Here recommend our dual module pick and place machine HT-8D.

The most feature of this module is speed. It has dual module, total 24 heads, speed reach 90000 cph. In the lens machine market, this speed is higher than others brand. Here is the parameter details:




3150*2900*1900 mm

No. of camera

2 sets, vision for the flight   identification, mark correction

Mounting precision


Mounting speed

90000 cph


LED, capacitor, resistor, shaped   components, etc

No. of feeder station

24 pcs

No. of nozzles

48 pcs


Technology about mounting lens

For mounting lens, the precision is very important, because it is base on the led chip pcba. And for the module E8D, it is precision reach 0.04mm, it is suitable for mounting lens. Besides, it is adopt vision for the flight identification.


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