Led Lens Lighting Pick And Place Machine

Led Lens Lighting Pick And Place Machine

Name:Led lens pick and place machine
Speed:45000 cph
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Led lens lighting pick and place machine


Glue selection for lens lights:

Lens and circuit board UV glue bonding, UV glue bonding lens, UV light curing speed is fast, single-component operation is convenient, can be bonded to various substrates with very different structures of lenses, bending resistance, excellent thrust, moisture and heat resistance Good, can be used for bonding inner and outer triangular lenses.

Lens bonding circuit board thermal curing epoxy glue, one-component low-temperature fast curing modified epoxy resin glue, used for LED light bar lens bonding PC lens/glass lens/PMMA lens and other substrate bonding, the glue film is bright, excellent The flexibility, bending resistance, drop resistance and great thrust. Curing conditions are 80 degrees for 5-10 minutes.


Led lens mounting machine

LED Lens is high quality for led lighting and also hot in led lighting market. But for led lens lighting, there usually have two steps for smt line. One is for mounting led chip, other is for mounting led lens.

Why it is different? There is two temperature for led chip and lens. For led chip, using solder paste, it required high temperature, for lens, it required glue, the temperature is low.


ETON HT-E8S-1200 suitable for mounting led , lens, IC ,resistor, capacitor, IC, shaped components, etc.

Here is the technical parameter of E8S:

1.    Dimension: 2550*1650*1550 mm, total 1700kg

2.    Max PCB Length and width:1200*500 mm

3.    PCB Clamping: Adjustable pressure pneumatic

4.    Software: Reach and development by ETON

5.    Mounting height: no more than 15 mm

6.    No. of Camera: 2 sets

7.    Mounting speed 45000 cph

8.    Nozzles number: 12 pcs

 12 Heads, 45000 cph

Delivery time

December is the hot sell month for machine in China, if you are hurry up for using this module, please contacts us as soon as possible. The shipping time for us is at least 35 days now!

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