Led Bulb Smt Pick And Place Machine

LED Bulb & DOB product pick and place machine SMT line for LED Driver 45000 CPH pick and place machine Totally automatically
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Pick and place machine for LED Driver


LED Driver

What is LED Driver ? LED constant current drive. Because LED is a semiconductor device with sensitive characteristics and negative temperature characteristics, it is necessary to stabilize its working state and protect it in the application process, which leads to the concept of driving. LED devices are nearly demanding on the driving power. Unlike ordinary incandescent bulbs, led can be directly connected to 220V ac mains. LED is 2~3 volt low voltage drive, must design the complex transformation circuit, different USES of LED lights, must design the complex transformation circuit.


What is components on the Led driver

There will be LED, capacitors, Resistors, Ic.

Pick and place machine


Pick and place machine

For make LED driver, the most important machine is pick and place machine. The function is pick the component and mount on the PCB.

Pick and place machine apply to many kind of industry. Like the led tube, display, electrical products, DOB, led driver, etc.

ETON pick and place machine details

ETON pick and place machine famous as the high quality products. There are some details about RT-1 module:

Dimension:1104*1584*1655 mm

PCB: Max 400*350 mm, Min 50*50 mm

Mounting mode:Group picking and separate placing, separate picking and separate placing.

Display:Touch screen monitor

Mounting Height:no more than 25mm

Mounting Speed:40000-45000 CPH



1.Can I buy one machine for different products? 

A:Yes, our multifunctional machine suitable for produce different products, like the bulb, dob, tube, panel, display, etc.

2.Does your machine support for mounting 0402?

A:Yes, we support 0402.

3.What is the function of camera in pick and place machine?

A:When the camera is in operation. Can guarantee the accuracy of placement。


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