Led Bulb Assembly Line Machine Production Smd

Led Bulb Assembly Line Machine Production Smd

led bulb assembly line machine production smd mounting machine pcb machine

Product Details

Double module magnetic linear motor multifunctional pick and place machine HT-E5D









1. Used in any product, cost-effective.

2. All components can be placement.

3. Produced in China; it with of high quality; fast placement; 16 nozzles and electric feeders.

4. Professional after-sales service team provides overseas service.

chips,resistor,capacitor,IC,shaped components etc.



1) Vision for the flight identification,servo driven.

2) Placement rates up to 80,000 CPH

3) Accurately place, manager, and track components with Smart Feeders

4) Accurately places a wide range of components including 0402, LED,0.2mm pitch QFP,SMT Connectors and many others

Exclusive patented technology:

1. Electronic feeder feeding system

2. Vision alignment flight identification,Mark correction

3. Non-stop material re-loading function

4. Auto-optimization after coordinates generated,etc



Technical parameter:








Total Weight



PCB Size

Max:500*300mm   Min:100*100mm

PCB Thickness


PCB Clamping

Electric clamping + Adjustable pressure pneumatic

Mounting Mode

group picking and separate placing,separate picking and separate placing.

Vision System

No. of Camera

4 set of imported camera

Vision for the Flight Identification,Mark correction.

Mounting Precision


Mounting Height


Mounting Speed


Components:Max:36mm,Min:LED 0402

LED,resistor,capacitors,shaped components,etc.

Components Space


Feeding System

No. of Feeders


No. of Nozzles

Dual mode , totally 16

Feeder Style

Use Electric Feeders

Non-stop refueling function

The automatic optimization function

X,Y ,Z Axis Driving

High-end magnetic linear motor + Servo Motor


Company Introduction:

ShenZhen ETON Automation Equipment Co.,LTD.is a leading manufacturer of automatic high-speed pick and place machine.In 2011,set up ShenZhen Eton Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd.In 2011,HT-12 series began selling.In 2011,HT-E3 was complete research and development (Eton 3 generation machine).

ETON advanced technology and innovation drives the revolution of market rapidly,and obtains a number of intellectual property technologies In 2018,HT-E8T/HT-E9T(ETON thee generation 5st multi-function machine ) HT-D12 ( Automatic glue dispenser machine ) was completed R&D and begin selling;



 Customers cooperating with us:



Successful Experien

※ Eton's customer in 25 countries around the world
※ Training more than 300 experts and technician for customers.
※ Became the most reliable Chinese partner for you.


Packing Method:
※ Vacuum wooden package
Shipping Way:
※ By air;
※ By sea, for large package and quantity;
※ Other ways as customer requested. 
Delivery Time: 
※ 15~30 Days



1.Are you a trade company or a manufacturer?

=》We are a national high-tech enterprises research and development, production, sales and after-sales service as a whole

2.What is your delivery date?
=》The delivery date is about 15~30 days after receipt of payment.
3.What is your payment terms?
=》30% deposit in advance and 70% balance before shipment.
4.Who is your client?

=》We have exported machine to different countries,such as India,Egypt,Korea,Turkey,Brazil etc.

Such as FSL,ETI,KONKA,OPPLE,MLS are our client,In india such as RK,Surya,skyquad are our client.

5. Why choose us?

=》 Leading SMT Supplier in China; Professional after-sales service team.