New 68 Nozzles Advantage High Speed Pick And Place Machine

Apply to the 0.6,0.9,1.2M rigid PCB and 0.5M,1M LED flexible strip. Producing with producing 4 types materials at the same time with high capacity,available for board with any proportion of LED chip and resistor. Dual arm four module,17 nozzles for each mounting part,Part A/B/C/D can be mounted separatelly or synchronously.
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Product Details

Hot selling 68 Nozzles Advantage High Quality Pick and Place Machine

Technical parameter




2700mm*2300mm *1550mm

Total Weight



380AC 50HZ / 6KW


Top 2 Evoc industrial computer

Mounting Height


Mounting Speed

200000 CPH(optimum)

No. of feeder station


No. of head

68 nozzles

X,Y,Z Axies Driving

Magnetic linear motor+Fuji servo motor

Acceptance of component range
The smallest and largest components that can be pasted by the mounting equipment shall be checked with special measuring instrument after installation, and the error between the theoretical mounting position and angle and the actual mounting position and angle shall be measured to see whether it meets the requirements of the equipment. For example, if it is specified that 01005 and IC 0.4 and bga0.3 mm spacing elements can be mounted on the machine, they should be included in the test scope at the time of acceptance.

68 head mounting, higher efficiency

The working stability of 68 nozzles is better at the same time,68 nozzles can rotate 360 degrees at any angle, and the angle rotation linkage is completed without affecting the efficiency

Finished product graphics

Available for 5M, 50M or any length of flexible strip and roll to roll.

Calibration automatically, high precision, available for RGB.

Project cases

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