Hot Selling 2020 DOB Making Machine HT-E5S Newest SMT Pick And Place Machine

Multifunctional pick and place machine for power driver/electric board/lens/linear bulb/household appliance;Multifunctional pick and place machine mounting for LED/capacitors/resistors/IC/shaped components.
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Product Details

1. Product details

HT-E5s machine is single module multifunctional mounter with high capacity of 40000CPH. It can mount capacitors,resistors,LED3014/3020/3528/5050,IC and shaped components. It applies to power driver,electric board,lens,linear bulb,household appliance and etc

HT-E5S 贴装产品-2

Technical parameter & Product featurse


2.pick and place machine ht-e5s product parts

HT-E5S 部件图

3. Packing & shipping

Packing details: vacuum packing and wooden case

Shipping:  Shenzhen port within 30 days after payment

Port:  Shenzhen


Lead time:

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4. Company profile



5. pick and place machine ht-e5s certifications

HT-E5S 证书

6. Our clients

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Customer brand & Customer factory

7.Knowledge of mounter industry

 Precision of mounting machine

The precision of mount machine is the main data index in the technical specification of mount machine. Generally speaking, there are three kinds of representation methods: mount precision, resolution and repeat precision.

Adhesive precision

 The mount accuracy is the maximum offset between the center of the element and the center line of the corresponding pad, which does not exceed 1/3(visual) of the width of the welding foot of the element; or the incidence of abnormal offset is not more than 3\8240;. Adhesive precision determines the type of components SMT the functional mount and the field it can be applied. The low precision mount SMT mount machine can only mount SMC and very few SMD, suitable for circuit assembly in the field of consumer electronic products, while mount precision mount machine can mount multi-lead and fine-spaced components such as SOIC and QFP, suitable for circuit assembly in the field of industrial electronic setup and military electronic equipment. There are two main factors that affect the precision of mount, namely translation error and rotation error. translation error (deviation from the center of the component) mainly comes from the inaccuracy of the X-Y positioning system, which includes errors such as displacement, calibration and axis orthogonality. The main reasons for the rotation error are the inaccuracy of the centering mechanism and the rotation error of the mount tool. Quantitatively speaking, the precision required SMC mount ±0.01 mm, the precision required for mount high density and narrow spacing is at least 0.06 mm..

Chip resolution

The resolution provided by the device specification does not mean that the device vision system can distinguish components, but refers to the ability of the mount machine to distinguish continuous points in space. The resolution of the mount is determined by the resolution of the rotary or linear decoder on the stepper motor and shaft drive mechanism. When the axis is programmed and run to a specific point, it actually reaches the point that can be resolved closest to the target position, which causes an error between the positioning point of the mount and the actual target position, which is called the quantization error, which should be less than the resolution of the mount, up to one-half of the mount resolution.

 Repetitive Precision Value of Patch Machine

Duplicate precision refers to the ability of the machine to stick to the specified position consistently, that is, repetition precision is also the best way to measure the accuracy SMT the actual patch processing and production using statistical methods. repeat accuracy description the ability of the mount tool to return the calibration point repeatedly. A lot of SMT patch processing plants often adopt the concept of bidirectional repetition precision when defining repetition precision. American Association of Machine Tool Makers defines the two-way repetition accuracy as the deviation from the mean value when approaching any given point from two directions in a series of tests and provides for 3σ. Popular point, such as placement machine mount components coordinate value of 0,0, repeated many times this point mount, each time the deviation value is repeat accuracy. to be exact, the X navigation ,1, navigation and p of each motion system have their own repetition accuracy. their combined results reflect the patch accuracy of the placement machine, so the sample accuracy of the placement machine is usually characterized by the repetition accuracy of the placement machine. at present, repeat positioning accuracy up to micron level (0.001 mm) can be provided in high precision placement machines. The repetition accuracy of the mount can also be used to understand the relationship between the accuracy and the repetition accuracy by the dispersion of the mount actual location and the target location.

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